Cheshunt cheese sandwich

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  • Cheshunt station (car park on the East/Lea side)
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  • Late notice, but let's do the Cheshunt loop. 30 miles, pretty flat. Starts on off-road tarmac, ends on off-road tarmac with some Hertfordshire roads in the middle. Couple of climbs but nothing too bad.
    Watch out for the dog walkers and the treats they leave behind at the start and the end.

    After-ride entertainment is guaranteed. It turns out everyone in Cheshunt is bike mad.

    I'm missing out on the second Eurovision semifinal for this, so you'd better show up!

    Train out from Liverpool St 1911, arrives Cheshunt 1924

    Trains back are 2129 (arrives Liv St 2158), 2150 (arr. 2214), last train 0011 (arr. 0049)

    There's a level crossing to get across so don't leave it to the last minute to dash for the train.

    Note that the meeting point is on the other side of the level crossing in the car park in the dark

  • I'm in

  • Train out:

    • cgg

    Ride out:

    • Rod_Munch
    • rhowe
  • Going to wet the bed I'm afraid. Got to ride tomorrow evening too and I've to be in the office early as well. Sensible head says to give this one a miss. Have fun all.

  • @middleofnowhere what do you say?

  • And @On1

  • Was traipsing through African alleyways at 3:00am yesterday morning to get a flight back to London. Bit sleep deprived and haven't quite worked out if cycling tonight will provide enjoyment or an unwanted test of endurance. Have everything I need though and will cycle out if I'm not too fucked, come the end of the work day.

  • Failure to get my shit together means no cycling for me tonight.

  • Ah sorry guys already have plans, gutted the route looks decent!

  • I'm gonna be pushed for time so don't wait around for me at the start. If I'm more than 5 mins late i'll try to head you off somewhere en route..

  • Gonna give this a miss and go and wet myself in my sleep instead. Sorry guys. It was a highlight ride last year. Have fun!

  • That was great if a bit chilly at the end. A10 powertrain on the way back was fun. Those lanes are just delicious in the evening glow.

  • Gutted to miss another.
    Bone in my foot is probably better, but the soft bits keep swelling up (in my foot). Did a long ride on Sunday and was ok. Then I walked on Monday and that was no good. Will stick to cycling now so hopefully I can ride in 2 weeks time.

  • I think you'll find the next on week is next week

  • That was quite an amazing ride on all aspects, thanks rhowe. Too bad for all the IKEA-goers!

  • Yeah thanks Russell, could only have been improved by stashing some thermal blankets in the beer garden beforehand..

  • Is there any gravel on this route? Thinking of borrowing it to introduce my wife to road cycling on Sunday. Took her down some towpaths last week which didn’t go down brilliantly.

  • Not that I recall. Tarmac paths through the first section of country park.

    The descent at the end of the little loop towards the start I remember being a little sketch, but it was pitch black on fixed so YMMV.

    It's an @rhowe special so he can provided detailed guidance.

  • I’m a big g fan of the route to Windsor

  • Thanks for the infos!

    FYI cock lane has been chipped recently. There was about an inch of gravel on it two weeks ago.

  • No gravel as such. Bread and cheese lane isn't very well surfaced though

  • We need to do this ride soon #constantdownhill

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Cheshunt cheese sandwich

Posted by Avatar for rhowe @rhowe