Badger Surprise

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  • Chingford railway station
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  • Bike washed.
    Wine opened.
    Time for tea.

    Shopping list.
    New Q/R seat post clamp.
    New chains.
    Maybe Chain ring.
    New grips (lost an end cap so feckers spinning).

    Glad to have made this one.
    Logistics of travel make it awkward.
    great fun, met some forum newbies and some old hands and Pete, it was a lovely day out.
    Thank You all :)

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  • Looked through my speedo.

    Feck me, did 28.5miles (not counting the 150'ish train miles :) )

    issat why my knees ache :)

  • even if you did make fun of me puffing ;)

    I believe that's known as 'tough love'

    Or as I call it 'being a dick to your friends'

  • That'll do it :-)

    Thanks for making the journey up. Glad you had a good time!

  • I'll be brief(er than Ian).

    That was awesome, terrifying, convivial and quite addictive. I'll be back.

    Who is @xkittyx IRL?

    Thank you @BareNecessities, you were the consummate host.

  • That was awesome, terrifying, convivial and quite addictive.

    You sure? Looking a bit sad here :'(

  • Not long after that photo 7up's tyre broke

    Then like witchcraft fixed itself

    Just sayin........ you know............ someone


  • I'm Zooey irl. SSMTB riding ex bike mechanic that talked about the Big O of pigeons.

  • And the fella that got me to the right platform at the right station without me being told off, thank you for the help :)

  • Just realised I saw you lot while out today. Was out on the Talbot and all over that part of the world. Even enjoyed the same rope swing!

    Top day for it.

  • You have one of the fluoro Talbots, right? Surprised I didn't spot it.

  • Yeah that's right. We saw you around the water and wondered what you were up to. Our route was pretty random but mainly off road from walthamstow

    Muddier than expected but I always forget how long it takes to dry out there­7585/shareable_images/map_based?hl=en-US­&v=1525637421

  • Shame, would have been cool to day hi and ride together for a bit.

    Hope you had a good day.

    I ache today, mainly on the ass where I fell on a tree stump. I'm also feeling pretty proud of my legs for the single speed climbing efforts.

  • I'm also feeling pretty proud of my legs for the single speed climbing efforts.

    Good going there. I can't face doing those steep bits SS anymore.

  • Tarckweapon Pink Missile up hills.

    Ruined my low mileage chain trying to keep up.

    Cracked 3 of the bastard links.
    Rolling over fallen tree bodies may have smacked the chain doing that......

    Still on the bright side, been rummaging for what I thought was a SRAM chain hiding in a box, thankfully I actually snapped that and forgot I bought 2xHG93 which I bought because the2xPC sram ones snapped. So two shiny chains to play with :)

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Badger Surprise

Posted by Avatar for BareNecessities @BareNecessities