More E4 Vicar?

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  • Yes boss!

  • Whoa whoa whoa, Fried chicken and fizzy pop? We're an elite non-racing non-club, I'm not sure you are all taking this seriously enough, won't somebody think of our Instagrams.

    Also, has anyone seen @Rod_Munch and @rhowe They have been suspiciously quiet.

  • Speaking of the grams, I have bought a disposable camera today and I will use it.

  • In. Riding out. Forum's broke on my phone and at work so posting is quite severely restricted. I'll have been up since 6 and probably have to be up at 6 on Friday so that'll be fun.

  • Also in..

  • ... but i may be running late. If you are ready to set off and I'm still not there then just push on and I'll try to catch up or head you off somewhere..

  • Ah, that's a shame, many commiserations :/

    Heal up!

  • Where's the meeting spot the ride out then? I'm Westminster way so will need to head out and find you. The North is not my natural environment but could probably be there for around 5:30 if I hustle.

    Train out.
    1) middleofnowhere

    Ride out.
    1) rod_munch
    2) rhowe
    3) On1
    4) VEN

    Old Street Chicken Run.
    1) cgg
    2) Jaeyukdapbap
    3) YAL
    4) Scrabble

  • I'm switching teams and taking the train out in the end. Also I'm bringing a guest along :)

    Train out.
    1) middleofnowhere
    2) cgg
    3) Ben (cgg's guest)

    Ride out.
    1) rod_munch
    2) rhowe
    3) On1
    4) VEN

    Old Street Chicken Run.
    2) Jaeyukdapbap
    3) YAL
    4) Scrabble

  • Daaaamn this weather is perfect, will see you guys outside the station at 19:30! I'll be on a black dolan pre cursa

  • Sitting on the train in Liverpool Street, not much movement yet.

  • Running about 7 mins late.

  • Cracking ride, just what I needed, thanks all!

    Was it @jaeyukdapbap Matt and I DAS'd on our way home? Or was it some Mild-induced hallucination? Quite sure I saw a forum jersey fly by in the opposite direction.

  • Hah! Yeah, not sure how that happened. I was a bit surprised and only managed some sort of inaudible noise in response. Will be interested to see how our paths crossed when the Garmin uploads...

    Great night for a game of bike. Thanks all!

  • Haha, as I peeled off I was just thinking.."you'll probably bump into Matt and Clement if you go that way.."

  • Lovely ride all. Nailed all my trains too so a pb from the Station Inn to Kingston. Short sleeves till midnight in April. Lush.

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  • More pics!

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  • Great evening gents, thanks again!

  • Great pictures! I really enjoyed the ride. Found the E4 loop itself to be pretty busy though, dunno if it was a combo of back from the break + the weather, but I struggled a bit with how many cars and the quality of the driving. Either way it was great fun. The mild is as good as it was last year! And at the bar to refill my waterbottle I met a nice but quite inebriated young man who encouraged me to do a shot (of sourz) with him so that was cool too.

    I nearly threw up on the ride back.

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  • Fun times :)

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  • Third shot is fantastic!

  • Did this geared and in the daylight today. Was fun, though did not recognise the last 3rd of the ride at all, which shows how much attention I pay (or how dark it is normally)

  • I was thinking it was this route we nearly ran into a huge herd of deer stampeding across the road in the dark, but I realised it was actually the TdF special which shares the right turn off the Epping Rd into the forest. I also realised that was 4 years ago.

  • Wasn't this where a cow ran in front of you? Or was it a badger? I lose track ...

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More E4 Vicar?

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