Echappée Escapades 2018 Round 4 - The really stupid muddy one

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  • Lewes Lament­escapades-rd4-the-really-stupid-muddy-on­e-tickets-43344735270

    Last year we thought Round 4 was too easy, so for 2018 we've made it longer and hillier. We're really going to push the limits of a day ride. Dust off the cross bike or MTB (no road bikes please) for this 180km run down to Lewes. We will do our best to keep you off them until we reach Lewes. The route is a link up of nearly 100 miles of bridleway, single-track, purpose built trails (and the odd bit of hike-a-bike) through Surrey and Sussex taking in some of the SDW and totals over 2500m of vertical gain.

    This might just be the hardest of them all... Bring lights, bring food, bring proper clothing.

    Trains run regularly back to London. And remember you have the bank-holiday Monday to recover!

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  • sort-of in for this...worried it might be a step too far.

    would a hardtail 29er be too slow?

  • It's what I did it on last year... you'll almost certainly get less punctures :)

  • ha, ok. might need to fit the faster tyres for this one!

  • I did it on a hardtail last year and will be on a rigid 29er this year.

    It's more of just a day on the bike - there'll be no specific group to keep up with. Just run what you brung!

  • Just wanted to bump this as it's getting close and I'm sure everyone is finding their summer legs! Don't forget to sign up (or you won't get the route sent out) and don't worry too much about the team thing!

  • don't worry too much about the team thing!,,,,,,,,I just worry about surviving

  • The route for this will be sent out this evening

  • I don't have the legs for the whole thing - or even half of it at the moment.

    But is the first quarter or so, to Gomshal, the same as last year?

    Might ride out then break off there, do some trails at Peaslake.

  • Yeah. Start and end points are different but we head the same way through Surrey

  • I'm aiming to do either this or I'm going to ride to Devon.
    Haven't worked out which yet.
    I almost definitely am not fit enough to do either.

  • Cool. Might see you at the start, or when you fly past me, on the route :)

  • Doubtful. It'll be part of a bigger trip for me so I'll be riding loaded, so nice and CHILL

  • Going to ride til dark then bale, my eyes dont work with Garmins at night, found that out on the Royal Rumble

  • We're a 7:30 roll this time and with the longer days I'd be pretty sure to say it'll be a light finish

  • How does this ride not have a write up?

    Attempted this on Friday (although I was aiming for Brighton instead of Lewes). It was a proper adventure day out. Even not to far from Richmond the route is super nice, long gravel roads and steep rough stuff and felt like a proper adventure. Some hilarious moments too, like doing some massive climb through the woods feeling to feel like I'm on top of the world, only to pop out of the woods onto the road realise there's still a 1/3 of Ranmore left.

    This is a proper hard route on a CX/gravel bike however. It's was tricky to stick exactly to the route through Peaslake and so ran across some serious huck-your-meat full sus only sections which I had to hike-a-bike to get down. Anyway it was grand and was working hard but I wouldn't have reached the SDW until v late afternoon, so morphed 20 of the miles to actually very nice lanes until Bignor Hill (ouch) after which hooked a left onto SDW. And let's be real here, 70 miles of this before really starting the SDW in 33 degree, the route was well beyond me or my bike. Swear it was 35 degrees on the ridge line. So I only did 5 miles of the SDW before bailing down into Bognor. It was an amazing, top top day however. Only one thing to say really is that IMO the route is out of a CX bike's league. But then again that's just blaming the kit instead of my legs (and arms).

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  • How does this ride not have a write up?

    I don't think anyone really on 'ere who does that kind of thing actually did it.

    Well done for giving a shot though. Bike choice was indeed brave.

  • I don't think anyone really on 'ere who does that kind of thing actually did it.

    Jon might have popped out and ridden the whole thing before lunch.

  • Top work, that is a serious day out. Doing it this time of the year you swap the mud for loose gravel and buckets of sweat.

    Someone needs to write "NOT SUITABLE FOR CX BIKES" on every gate on the South Downs Way, until people get the hint!

  • This is painful but v true regarding the SDW, no matter how much we want our Adventure Bikes® to hack it. I can imagine doing it over 2-3 hard days if was necessary to do it, but to quote Chris Rock just because you can do something doesn't mean it is to be done. You can drive a car with your feet but that doesn't make it a good fuckin idea.

  • Haha, I did it on ‘the day’ on a cx bike and bailed knackered with a snapped chain at Chiddingfold, reckon thats a 2 day thingy for mortals, really heavy muddy bits got me, and 32/36 wasnt low enuf

  • Jon might have popped out and ridden the whole thing before lunch.

    Um, yeah. I think I was the only person to make it from London to Lewes. A mere 12 hours beyond lunchtime at 1:30am, after leaving the house at 6.30am the previous morning. Maybe my hardest day on a bicycle. Looks like conditions were a bit kinder to @youramericanlover.

  • Pffft must try harder

  • Yes well my suspicions confirmed then. And yeah, you might have made it well before midnight on the day I did it! Makes me happy I even made it to the SDW (albeit cheating a bit).

  • I rode this but bailed 30km short of Lewes at 8pm as had to get home. The SDW wasn't even on the standard route and took you in around all the technical forest trails. There was a lot of hike-a-bike even though I had a 30-36 low gear. Pretty sure when I stopped there was no one else in front so good on you @Jon. for getting it done. Will do back and give it another crack someday.

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Echappée Escapades 2018 Round 4 - The really stupid muddy one

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