Ruska - Ride across Finland 2018

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  • Interested in an event going across Finland, unsupported? Ruska the ride across Finland will happen for the second year in 2018.

    Here's the info page and newsletter subscribtion. That page will also be updated when there's more to tell. Here's the similar page about 2017 with more info, and here's some pictures of that.

    I'm not the organiser of this event, just spreading the word. I do know the organiser and I will most likely be there riding, again.

    I rode the inaugural version of the event this last September. It was pretty small but well organised, very small entry fee. I think there was 18 starters, 13 finishers. A few checkpoints, otherwise free route. The rules are basically the same as in the Transcontinental Race, but this is not actually a race. There's a time limit and everyone finishing before that are listed as finishers, though the finishers also get a consecutive number, in the order they finish, that shows how many finishers there has been before him/her, including previous years.

    The checkpoint locations will vary every year, while the distance is about 2000km or a bit less and the time is a about eight days. Lots of nice small quiet roads through forests, fields and fells, there's thousands of lakes too. Riding across Lapland in the north is rather extraordinary for a road ride, as it's pretty remote and wild, you'll see more reindeers than people. Some will ride it as quickly as they can, I rode the first edition in under hundred hours, while some take it as a tour. Nevertheless, that distance in eight days with possibly challenging weather is not easy. A great adventure and would be good training for future ultra events too, as this teaches you to plan your day and daily distances, with not too many possibilities to eat or sleep indoors at. But there is enough.

    The name of the event, Ruska, means autumn foliage.

    #ruska2017 and #ruska2018 on Twitter and instagram.

    That little thing there on the left is indeed a reindeer.

  • Mikko the organiser asked for my gps-track from last year's Ruska, so I put that in Srava. So if you're interested.

    That's missing the first about 10km/20 minutes, because my garmin couldn't find satellites.

    And the info page has more info now.

  • Looks like the fastest rider, Esa on his tt-bike, has just finished, though the tracker shows a 4 hours old location for him. The tracker is based on an app in their phones, doesn't always work perfectly, but it's free.

    Last night was below freezing around where most of the riders were. Should be about 10C at noon.­uska2018/

    A few have scratched yesterday, like Walto the fixed gear rider, as he got sick, TCR veteran Janne as he got problems with his achilles and new winter shoes, and a couple of other strong riders with knee pain and such.

    Around where they are now, it's a rather special part of Europe. Really beautiful. Somewhat challenging, at what ever pace, as there's not much services and the weather can be anything at this time of a year.

  • like Walto the fixed gear rider, as he got sick

    Shame, his insta was fun to follow. The landscapes look beautiful in a barren way. A few finishers now it appears.

  • Did Ruska happen this year @Samuli? For some reason I thought of it today. Hope you are well.

  • Yeah it did with a similar amount of participants as before. I wrote dailyish dotwatcher writeups again, though in Finnish. The situation with covid was pretty calm for the summer and through september, though crossing the border to Norway, where the finish was, in Vardø, could have been a problem but wasn't.
    There's already some info on the checkpoints for next year too.

  • I would love to do this one day sounds amazing

  • Me too, though I'd probably be past the cutoff point. It looks like about the chillest Ultra you could do [literally] and Samuli has always made it sound an interesting one.

  • It is quite an experience for sure, the north is really special and the event is great for trying out what you're capable of.

    I loved how modest modest the finish was for the first year when I rode this. It was at a medieval chapel in northern Norway, right next to the Russian border and the sea. There was no one and it was 60 km from the closest town. Got there at night and slept there in my bivy, at the gate of the old cemetery. Quite a party for being the first finisher. Kind of like the Tour Divide finish. This year the finish was in a town, but the vibe of it being about the ride and about your own experience is the same. And after that the finishers will gather somewhere close by.

    Here are daily overviews of last years event, in english, if you want to see read more:­/­/­ee/­r/­e/­/­en/­ht/

  • There's a newsletter you can sign up to here:­ross-finland-2020/

    This is what's been said so far:

    Ruska 2021 will be ridden 10.-18.9.2021. Theme of the 2021 route is geology.
    Start: Olkiluoto
    CP1: Björköby CP2: Rokua CP3: Ревда Finish: Saariselkä Map and
    preliminary parkours can be found at­dXlS3YUTMY9ylojxETHBDgcam4djyyf_&usp=sha­ring

  • Are you riding this year @Samuli?

  • No, not this year.

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Ruska - Ride across Finland 2018

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