Waifs and Strays XI - Baby, it's cold outside

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  • It's been 11 now...

    I'm really excited!

    So ten years ago Object had no friends and so this!

    If nobody is your friend, this is for you. This is your magical ride.

    We'll meet, set off in the relative quiet of the relative emptiness of Christmas morning's London streets, there are some places we generally go, some new for this year.

    I'm starting this year's thread as I love this place.

  • oh yeah, two or three hours of riding London's usually busiest streets with virtually NO CARS!

  • Cracker joke

    Q - What are ChainBreaker's favourite biscuits?
    A - Waif-ers

    As mentioned above if you are free this is the most amazing ride. If only to see Oxford Circus completely deserted it is worth the trip...

    Peace and festive love...

  • Even if you have loads of friends, this is an ace ride!

    Hopefully there will be snow. I think the first time i ever did this ride, there was white everywhere.

  • I did my first one this year and was ace, definitely recommend. I'm out of the country for Christmas this year or would do it again

  • maybe.

  • in with the kids if the weather isn't completely shit.

  • I’m in for this one! I can finally make it and I haven’t been on the ride for ages. Will be good to see some old faces again!

  • Haven't seen you in years.

    Be nice to say hello.

    Be lovely to see such nice people.

  • Can change thread title to Waifus and strays


  • Well done CB, was meaning to get on this...
    Have you linked to FB?

  • Sup!

    No i havent... No idea how.

  • Ah really enjoyed this last year! Don’t think we can make it this time unfortunately. Might start a spin-off in our new home town next year...

  • First year, in a decade, that I’m not headed home to oz and will be doing a London Christmas - so I’m very happy to hear this ride is on again. I’ll be doing the Christmas race in the Serpentine at 9am, and I’ll hopefully find a way to join up with you somewhere.

  • Niiiiice!

  • Hey all... You'll have one newbie joining.

    Just recently got into cycling and even more recently into fixed gear. That means this is my first winter here for cycling :D
    So glad I've found this forum...
    Peace out...

  • This is awesome, I'd love to join but I'm out of the country for Christmas.

    If only there was a new year alternative..

  • In.

  • Sort of IN. Depends how my knee holds up this week. But I could definitely do with the miles.

  • So close!

  • If only there was a new year alternative..

    Set one up!

    (I'm not here for new year)

  • In! Good work on the thread Iain

  • I get back from Southern USA the day before, I'll be the one shivering uncontrollably.

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Waifs and Strays XI - Baby, it's cold outside

Posted by Avatar for ChainBreaker @ChainBreaker