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  • Disc, 3/4/5 Spoke, Lo-Pro, 24inch, NJS, HHSB Street Party Sponsored by SPFG. Starting on the infamous steps of mighty St Pauls church. Rules are there are no rules, just try and bring some slave stuff like corima 4spoke, kevlar disc wheels, crabon, trispokes, lo-pros, some nice Japanese shiz and anything else you think is rad.

    Its not a serious ride at all, all are welcome. Expect the pace to be slower when needed, oxford st etc. and super fast on the straights. My policy is all for one, one for all. Will wait at most junctions if needed but be prepared to catch up on the straights, we won't be that hard to spot/follow surely. Just make sure you introduce yourself to people so you get known.

    Good night, good mornin' and I hope to see you all there.


  • Down, I'll bring out the tomassini with the pursuit bars and all ;)

  • I'm out. Working and all my bikes are hella sensible. Spoks>>>>

    (but everyone do what H says)

  • I'm hoping to make this and see some amazing bikes, I'll just be on my plain old Raleigh single speed though, is that allowed?

  • no hills right
    so we can bring silly gearing ?

  • I'd love to be giving my Rourke it's first outing, but I'll be out of town :(

  • We'd be offended if you didn't :)

  • mainly straight and flats so bring rad gearing plz

  • anything is allowed, not a serious ride at all but would like to see some spoks and discs

  • My disc has a 13t on it right now, and a lockring I'm scared to remove, CBA to change chain length so might have to throw the 54t on. Extra points?

  • That's 39mph at a cadence of 120rpm ... spin spin spin!

  • Hai @IvanBliminse, I’m afraid spok & I will most likely not be in attendance on Sat as we are going on a srs ride to Hastings... cry cry - I had half counted on everyone flaking, but aside from the possibility of hangovers, it looks like it’s going ahead. PM me your no so I can give you a shout when I get back to town- if you guys are still out & about causing mischief I’ll probbers join you :)

  • @IR just be careful when changing the gearin on the disc?? Ill rate you if you do 54x13 tho, extra points +++

    @Raksy, srs ride to hastings not cool.. drop me a txt an ill let you know whats poppin

  • yeah yeah, I know... will do my best to be extra super rad to make up for it upon my return :l

  • CBA to work it out but it's around 110 GI. At least it would dissuade me from skidding.

  • Was planing on getting the train down to see some bikes and meet some people. What is the weather saying for down there.

  • Looking a bit meh for sat at the moment, but hopefully the nice weather holds up until saturday evening.

  • might have to join a bit later, got school tings to deal with #underagelyfe

  • I'll put my name down. Hope there is a good turn out.

    Look forward to meeting you all.

  • I hope so too, see you all tomorrow.

  • Finish work at 5ish, phone numbers so I can join you.
    Lo prô carbon, 650 fr, 4 spokes but gears..

  • Weather looks good today folks

  • That lightning earlier was kinda scary. Still raining a bit and dont really feel like getting wet today. Its gonna dry up after 2pm apparently so lets maybe meet at 2.30 instead?

  • I dunno if I'll be able to do 2:30 because I have somewhere to be later, don't really fancy riding a super thin tub in the wet for long either.

  • I'm not fussed what ever we do, just as long as we get to ride today. (:

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Disc, 3/4/5 Spoke, Lo-Pro, 24inch, NJS, HHSB etc. Street Party Date TBC (mid aug prob)

Posted by Avatar for BigH @BigH