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    -8pm MEET 815pm LEAVE
    -(competent) Fixed/SS riders only (exceptions/questions PM me)
    -Make sure your bike is in good shape/can be thrashed for 20+ Miles around London roads
    -Bring tools, LIGHTS and coats, I hear winter is coming.
    -We're gonna have one stop at CYCLE PS in Camberwell for a beer (home of South East Beers). Maybe @HarveyBrown will let us pay the forum price for beer, but its cheap for beer/fizzy drinks anyway and is a great shop. NO PIZZAS WE DONT HAVE TIME.
    -Route includes a few sprints, oval keirin, park detour and a big old tunnel.
    -Will finish at Brick Lane Beigels at approx. 1130pm.

    -All are welcome as always.
    -We've done a variation of this route before and I think most will vouch its pretty lol.

  • Sounds gash #NotBitter

    Edit: ^ should probably explain I've moved back to Bristol.

  • In. Getting the fixed serviced tomorrow.

  • see you lot then :)

  • Is this fast, or fairly laid back? I guess it cant be that fast through central london. Do you guys follow the highway code in general?

  • ^I'd say quite fast/fast depending on how big the group is. Especially on longer stretches.
    We try to regroup and keep the pack together when we get caught by lights etc. But there is a possibility of being dropped.


  • Sounds pukka

  • (competent) Fixed/SS riders only


  • Sure. This'll be my first fixed group ride through town, so want to sus out the whatever. I'd say I was competent, quick enough. I'm running 46 / 16.

  • @hugothenord1 hugggggssssssssssss

  • @Elra PAPA LEWIS! I will see you tonight after over a month of separation :')

  • Out

  • New rear tyre, chain tensioned. Is this lycra or casual?

  • Whatever you want mate. Mostly casual tho I believe.

    I will be wearing bibs and compression top cos I am a cock.

    You'll be fine and if you do get dropped just pretend you live wherever you got dropped and say you pealed off :-)

    Honestly mate vibe is very chilled but some strong boys so pace can be quite nippy.

  • And strong girls I might add

  • Fucked tyre, slack chain. No lycra.
    That's spfg with a good smile and loads of fun...

  • Thanks for the stickers :)
    (if you're the same thomas?)

    Thanks Elra that was loads of fun. Good to meet you Kaiseroscar, and everyone else. Been sitting indoors writing my MA so was good to let off some steam.

  • big shout out to the ravin cru

  • Good fun last night great route!

  • Big on the ones & twos... nice paced ride last night, cheers Elra. So beik, many fast...

    @IvanBliminse- shout me if you want decals vectorisatingz
    @hugothenord1- yunospfg?!

  • Good to meet you too mate. Glad you enjoyed. I hadn't been on one for ages and it was really nice for me to meet/re-meet everyone too.

    Nice one Elra for the route and the intro to Cycle PS.

    Oh, and hype for the double discs :-)

  • @IvanBliminse... scrap ^that, have just found in my bag... will get onto it.

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