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  • Ha, funny to watch it in real time. Skip to 21:45 for the good bit. Cut the corner off the elephants ear...

    Thanks all for the good ride, Matt as usual but particularly considering his liquid lunch prep. See u soon folks.

  • I just watched it - sorry @Rod_Munch! What a plum I am. At the time I thought that maybe @cgg jumped on the front as we were cutting it close for the train and pub and wanted to ensure it happen you just all pushed along knowing I had the route and my skinsuit. Silly american!

    On the plus side Jim without me you wouldn't have got a century, so there are "upsides" to it.

  • Christ I am tired. Anyone else tired?

  • Yes - need a recovery pint.

  • Brilliant evening, thank you! And @youramericanlover got his mad breakaway at last :)

  • I'm tired too.

  • The whole thing was clearly a clever ruse by Jim so he could get more miles in. I expect he'll be paying Dan in pints soon.

  • That is about as tough a TNRC as I've ever done and while my prep was not the best I have had a look at the metrics and am going to have to concede that it didn't really slow me down that much, I was just up against a very strong field of riders. Now I'm not just trying to blow smoke up your arses or indulge in some wanky cyclists bro-vado, as that's not what these rides are about. In fact the best thing about this ride was that each time I ground to the top of a climb the group were patiently waiting, chatting and laughing (and not just at me). And that's the thing TNRC has always been about for me. It's not about smashing it, chasing KOMs, indulging in sufferfests (other than those of each individual's own making), it's just about getting on your bike, getting onto some awesome lanes with good company, stretching yourself a bit, but most importantly; having fun.

    And that last bit is all down to you guys, and I'm including in that all those regulars and irregulars that couldn't make this one but have ridden in the past. Yeah, I'm coming over a bit tired and emotional, and no, I've not been for another boozy lunch, it just needs saying once in a while. It's all about the fun.

    And the train beers.

    It's all about the fun and the train beers.

  • Yes, this, exactly :)

  • Thanks for leading the ride Matt - such fun!

  • Wholeheartedly agree with all of that.

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Elephentine Otford

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