Hard Day in January '18

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  • n 1959 @clubman went for a 90 mile ride on his fixed wheel bike in the freezing cold weather. It was hard as you might imagine. To commemorate that ride he's run similar rides for the forum appropriately named the Hard Day in January. This is the 2018 edition.

    This is intended as a fixed gear ride. Although there will be some climbing there is nothing too steep to cope with on a reasonable gear, say 67-75gi. It's not that geared bikes are unwelcome, rather the idea is that it's a winter ride and so riding fg/ss should make it hard enough to be worth your while. Though of course if you show up on gears it's not like you'll be turned away.

    Start location is the Cafe Nero on the pedestrianised high street a 2 min cycle from the station. Fuel up from 8:30, roll out at 9. I prefer a nice Greggs, but it's up to you.

    The last train from Waterloo to arrive before 9am is the 8:20 (34 mins). We'll have a nice stop at the turnaround point in Berinsfield, the H Café. The ride will finish at the Old Red Lion for a celebratory pint (or get train beers if we're short on time) and then we'll ride the 300 meters back to Staines Station.

    Depending on the size and strength of the riders on the day I may split into a steady club-run pace 16mph group and a "fast" group, though we'll work it out on the day if it seems appropriate.

    Route below:

    1st ed
    2nd ed
    3rd ed
    4th ed
    5th ed and winners
    6th ed and pictures from the winner

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  • In

  • ride the 300 meters back to Staines Station.


  • Another picture of the handsome devils who took the trophy in 2013:

    I'm keen to do it again, it was a great ride last time. @laner do you want to try and go for a second famous victory?

  • I'll do a lot for a nice trophy, sure i'll be in next year

  • It's still August right?

  • In, I want to start 2018 in a strong way..
    My HDiJ trophy 2012, still with me Dan!!

  • In.

  • I know, crazy early right. But Thuekr seemed keen (so easier for him to plan) and that's the day I was going to go with anyway.

  • I like the sound of this.
    I have zilcho experience of riding in a group really - I have done a few calender audaxes but riding only fixed, I tend to spend 90% of the time by myself.
    I have no idea what I need to working towards speedwise other than I've done a couple of lumpy centuries in about 9.5hrs total time, and I've done a few flat 200kms in around 10-11hrs (not including the first few from the beginning of the year when I only started riding). I've been geared stupidly low in all cases, and have no real idea of moving time within that. I tend to stop a lot to routecheck though, so this does kill my speed stone dead I guess!
    I live well close too, which makes this something too look forward too I guess.

  • Missed this year, I will endeavour to attend next.

  • I like the sound of this.

    This is it

  • I did my first Audax (and only my 4th ride over 50miles) on 20 Jan this year. From Kew to Lambourn and back on a 58", with schwalbe marathon plus tyres and converse plimsolls, and a fairy lamp as a front light.
    Quite literally almost died on the way back.

    I've got quicker tyres now,some spd pedals and sandals, and a much brighter light, so how hard can it be? 🤔😳

    Put my name down, Sir, I'm in.

    PS - I won't be back for 1145 I don't think.

  • The 11:45am finish time is optimistic to say the least.

  • I plan on having another cheese omelette at H Cafe

  • a nice Greggs

    a nice stop

    What's with all this niceness? It's supposed to be hard. Honestly, the youth of today.

    I'll be there, with one bottle, and that'll be half full.

    (I'll probably flake out before the day, but it'll be nice to dream the dream until then. Er oops ...)

    Edit: Indeed, can't make it now. Have fun suffering!

  • Sounds good!

  • a few years since I did this - the "steady club-run pace 16mph group" sounds a bit ambitious for me. Is there a GPX route if I get dropped?

  • I wouldn't worry, you'll have so many supplies in your huge courier bag that you'll be able to survive in the Chilterns for a few weeks.

  • Na, there's no room in my bag cos there's a big chain in there

  • hey @ian(conker) yes there will be a gpx, still deciding on the route but will post it up as soon as it's confirmed.

  • Feat. @Hulsroy as my chaperone

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  • This better be hard

  • Haha well I'm no roadie monster and you are plenty tough so it's hard to say. But if the make up of the group is right on the day then it's possible we could split it into a fast-group and steady-group to ensure you get your money's worth. Also this route has a few more hills than last year if that's any consolation.

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Hard Day in January '18

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