London to St Margarets Bay

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  • Corner of Sandgate Street and the Old Kent Road
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  • check tyres for glass/flint/gatorskins.

  • Anything that slows you down is a plus in my books!

  • Oh, this is going to hurt my quads; my legs still aren't back to my old hill-climbing strength. Have to start somewhere, though.

  • This Saturday, 8am, Sandgate Street intersection on Old Kent Road. Weather looking balmy and misty so this ride should be atmospheric as fuck.

    Bring your sweet fixie and your sweet lights too as the pub in St Margarets Bay is lovely so I'd like to sink a few there and after the train back I don't want you people caught out in CNTRL LND with no lights. Cause that shit is unsafe.

  • will there be a need to bring a lock?

  • No need to bring a lock.

  • Pending resting ,injuries and bike repair I'm 50/50 for this. Will message you tomorrow morning to see if condition is better. (I know I need to MTFU)

  • Also not a cert. But will confirm either way tonight.

  • Hmmmm SS or FG? Staring at my bike, wavering. My mind is flip-flopping.

  • Out. I blame the referendum.

  • I feel bad if I come on gears, also back on the bike again this evening is it really painful! :/ so basically out!

  • Ho if you aren't feeling it then don't come, all good - but don't let coming on gears stop you! You aint got nothing to prove to nobody :) your always welcome to roll with me whatever.

  • All the that is true but what is also true is that I'm drunk

  • Sorry to bedwet so late, but I've woken up feeling I'll, so going to have to bail. Have fun, it's a great ride.

  • major thunderstorm in North London right now. I'm going to delay my start slightly and hope it eases off a bit - I'll try and catch you up but don't wait for me!

  • on my way i dont have a smartphone so can someone give us a bell if something happens its 0787 192 2462

  • Will do.

    Weather looks a little rowdy, but any thundershowers should be pretty localised. It doesn't look like a long roll in the rain but we may occasionally get a little wet

  • hi - i'm under the same cloud
    how about you give me a ring on 0787 285 0270 when you set off we can meet up (Blackfriars or Sandgate Street/Old Kent Rd) and catch up together?

  • Hey Matthais - I'm going to aim to get to Sandgate St for 9am (even if it's still raining) as it will be too late if I wait much longer than that I think.

  • ok its 9 or never!
    see you there

  • Right its me and Samy so far. Anyone else? Will give it another 10-15 and then we'll head out

  • Actually might give it a while longer to let RM and Mattias a chance to catch up

  • thanks youramericanlover for organising this and waiting for us late comers - and thanks everyone for a great day out

  • Really enjoyed the ride with you chaps. That was hilly! A bit disappointed I had to do a tiny bit of walking this time, but I'm going to delude myself and say that's down to trying to develop track legs instead of climbing legs this year. Haha yeah right.

    Mattias gets the polkadot jersey for this ride, well done. Apologies again for missing out the proper crossing for the Medway - next year. Anyway fucking awesome day, and great scenery and mist, but basically perfect cycling weather. Thanks to @Rod_Munch for co-Garmining and general joie de vivre and massive rep to Samy for a heroic effort on 80gi.

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London to St Margarets Bay

Posted by Avatar for youramericanlover @youramericanlover