T(h)NKR - Kent 2 - Otford

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  • Otford
  • T(h)NKR, an off week, on message, off day, on bike ride featuring the fabulous Kent 2 - Otford route.

    31 miles of rolling Kent countryside, St*r Hill a bit too near the start and Bayley's Hill somewhere in the middle are the stars of this show with a nice blast down the Pilgrims Way to finish it off.


    Victoria 19.07 arrives 19.44

    Last return trains 23.15 to Victoria or 22.36 to Blackfriars.

  • Can't make it, but I'm loving these new event posts with embedded route.

    Sweeeeeeeet microcosm goodness.

  • bed-wetting due to being on holiday, bon velo

    ps. liking the new route and day, will be there 2015! :-)

    (unless this thang continues into the winter months..)

  • i dont get this new forum, takes me ages to find out where anything is.

    i'll see how i'm fixed for this one

  • Veeery quiet in here. Is tomorrow hapening? I'm sort of relaxed either way.

  • I'll be in a car headed to Hexham. I hear they have a good Ikea.

  • Yeah, not the liveliest thread on the forum is it.

    I'll just go and spam the main thread in case people haven't worked out how the new set up works.

  • My dissertation's due tomorrow.. will either be in a major panic or in the pub...

  • As a note, you can subscribe to a ``forum''. So that all threads in that forum turn up in your following...

  • ooh and there's actually an official bedwetting button too..

  • .. which my mouse is hovering towards.

  • OK - I've activated the IKEA function ... I really need to get out in a boat today and tomorrow and it isn't really comaptible with hills. Still in for next Wednesday and Friday.

  • I think the off-week rides are officially over now, this will probably be the last.

    So Jim, what to do? I must admit I'm somewhat ambivalent. After a long weekend of excess (long enough to include all of this week too) I don't feel particularly match fit. On the other hand, after a long weekend of excess it would prob do me good to get out and ride.

  • I'm easy Matt. I'm hoping to ride tonight regardless but equally I have no desire to drag you out on the train on your own (particularly as work might delay me)... if you want to take a take a rain check that's fine with me.

  • Gah, you're no good, I want decisions, I don't want to have to think, I don't like thinking, thinking makes that space between my ears hurt.

  • ok well, the weather looks ok and I'm nearly finished at work so I'm gonna head out that way shortly. Totally fine if you want to bail Matt (it saves me a trip to the station anyway!) just post on the thread (or my number is in the numbers thread) before 19:30 please and I'll take the short cut straight up Star Hill on the way out...

  • Would you believe me if I said I was still undecided? The weather looks good but I still have work to finish off and I'm knackered.

    Given that such wavering usually precedes bedwetting just head for Star Hill. If I don't post, assume I'm not coming.

  • Just to confirm, still at work, not making this ride. Sorry to leave you on a solo mission, nice day for it tho.

  • No worries mate, catch you next week...

  • No word yet, did the badgers get him?

  • Fortunately not. I did instinctively accelerate as I passed this though...

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T(h)NKR - Kent 2 - Otford

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