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  • @kattt is back in the UK for the first time in years!

    To celebrate we're going to take over the Coach & Horses in Clapham again, the original home of South Beers.

    Turn up after work for some beers and bright times.

    Please tag more people, I've forgotten loads of forum names in my old age...

  • Are you on funemployed, as I'm probably not going to be able to make it to the pub at 2.15pm, you know I'm in for the evenings drinking..

  • whooops! time fail. Fixed now!

  • Yeahhhhhh! I must come!

  • original home of South Beers. heehee.

    saw kattt when went to NYC back in 09. would love to be there but am not in town on friday night. @clefty do you know if she will head to the nocturne on Sat?

  • @jonny well the Trinity doesn't really count does it :-)
    I know she's in London until the 12th, so have asked her on facetube.

  • Cheers C x

  • @kattt has confirmed attendance at the nocturne too!

  • Sad won't be able to make it back to London for this distinctly old school affair.
    Love to all.

  • Oooh. Might make it.....

  • I'll hopefully be down to the pub around 7/7.30

  • Wow it took me days to get around to navigating this new fangled sign in! Thanks for posting this @clefty! I'm so excited to see you guys at Coach & Horses tomorrow night!! Being back in the UK feels so great :)

  • Where do you live these days Tim?

  • In salubrious Newport South Wales, have a velodrome and wonderful mountains on my doorstep mind.

    Shame I won't get to see you

  • I'll try to come down for a quick one. Won't be able to stay for long, unfortunately.

  • On my way!

  • Paging @Aroogah

  • Bah. Work.

    Thought of you about a week ago Kattt, spooky...

  • was good, love hanging out with you guys and @kattt

  • Lovely evening last night, so good to see you all!

  • Twas lovely indeed!! Despite my extreme tiredness today I am very very happy!

    @Skülly I miss you my friend! You wont be turning up at the Nocturne today will you?

    @furious_tiles I'll have to try to get down there some time!

    FYI yall I'm moving to Prague in July for probably about 2 years so I hope to receive some forum visitors in my guest room and to also make it back to London/the UK far more frequently. 7 feckin years is 7 feckin years too many.

  • Heyyy Kattt...You were one of Grobag Towers favourite visitors...sorry I missed this reunion!
    I hope married life is treating you well. :)

  • Sad I missed you. Nocturne not really my scene I have to admit, but was blinkin working anyway ... hope you had fun.

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South Beers Reunion! Kattt is back (for a little while)!

Posted by Avatar for clefty @clefty