Ingatestone: The Magical Mystery Tour Returns

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  • circa 38 flat miles, last time it was nearer 40 but the same route is never ridden twice so the actual distance like the directions will be a mystery­nrcessex/

    Train 19:18 Liverpool Street

    Last train back is only 23:02 so curtail that drinking.

    Riding out: meet 19:45 Ingatestone Station

  • Please note that the route published has a deliberate mistake in it already. Your Garmins won't save you.

  • Sorry I will be busy moderating, so I won't be able to make it.

  • Going to try and rope in @coxy as well.

  • out this one even though its my favourite

  • took me ages to realise where this thread was as well! was wondering why i couldn't see it on the rides forum! jeez all this new technology!

  • would like to, gotta collect a geared bicycle before though.. might bring that along for testing, if permitted (!), :-)

  • Sure. We need someone to carry the beers.

  • who else is getting the train?

  • Me

  • this guy.

  • Have fun. I was out last night. It was great.

    Did you see that sunset from Norths?

  • Have a good ride guys, you have the weather and a nice route too.

  • I'm pulling out, I think I might have eaten or drunk something which has disagreed with me.

  • Running behind but should be fine for the train. See you shortsly

  • ^^ pulling out doesn't work, believe me.

  • ^^ pulling out doesn't work, believe me.

    Bonus bad dad points earned.

  • Bangin'. Cracking pace throughout - Matt's cycle computer said an average of 18.3 mph - and the cool weather was well suited. Nice to find out I've recovered the energy for that kind of thing. And we had an hour to spend in the pub before the last train.

  • Lovely ride again~ thanks MoN .. that route is certainly magical
    and very glad my little legs were able to hang on at that pace

  • That was fast and very fun. The mysterious controller, the woman in MoN's ear and MoN himself all seemed to come together in perfect synchronicity. Beautiful evening. Only downside seems to be that it's wicked hard taking photographs while cycling fixed in the dark.

  • Thoroughly enjoyed that ride. Didn't feel that fast but 18.3 mph avg on the computer and my aching legs today tells me otherwise.

    Was a special treat to make the left turn at the right place and ride a section of the route I don't think we've been on for a couple of years but I did manage to miss the turn near the end just to keep up out record of never riding the same route twice.

  • {bed-wetting explanation}

    collected Yellow Pennine, which now has Dura Ace gears, :-)

    replacement single-speed to be built-up.. in time for a late September TNR / WNKR ..

  • Yay - YAL sunset shots. It's like I was there.

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Ingatestone: The Magical Mystery Tour Returns

Posted by Avatar for WNKR @WNKR