2014-08-30 - Wild Swimming Clifton Hampden

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  • Because I am of very limited imagination - let's go back to Clifton Hampden again.

    Lovely river swimming with a nearby pub for lunch. Options to get train out to Iver and cut out W London horribleness or ride out. Newly refined route, with thanks to @adroit, involves more lovely Chilterns, less horrible A road


    Suggest meet Iver station at 9.20 (8.57 from Paddington gets you there in time). Then a tea stop in Burnham Beeches, a leeeeetle slog over Christmas Common, dip in the Thames, pub lunch and train back from Didcot.

    Who's in?

  • In! =D

    does this mean no more list-making ?

  • Think I;ll be route checking the steam ride mk.II with Tim KT :/ would loved to haved joined otherwise... And this new LFGSS event marlarky is great!

  • ok ok...
    ... @KT_Bee will you be riding fixed?

  • Yep

  • cool :)

  • Ah I'd love to do this, but sadly I'll be in Spain. Done bits of this route out a couple of times with Bernie, and Clubman at different times and it's always a lovely route!
    Christmas Common is a bit of a drag, but there aren't any major ramps up, just approach it at a steady pace and keep on going...

  • Shame. If ther weather is half ok this shoud be a good one.

  • Bumpity-bump.

    Weather's looking ok-ish for Saturday.

  • fingers crossed for the weather!
    I went to Hampstead ponds on Saturday and it was a nice temp still :) but so much nicer with sun, even if intermittent.
    I should be there, but depends a bit on OH parental visit.

  • I'll come for the ride, but if it's cold there is no way I'm getting near any water!

    If anyone wants a nice route that's mostly quiet roads to the start, I've got one that I think would do. I probably won't ride out, as it's too early in the morning.

  • Ok, well let's call it on Friday. I don't mind a bit of rain, but it's not meant to be a suffer fest.

  • Fingers crossed the weather holds for you all. I will be there in wild swimming spirit.

  • remind me why we're not doing this sunday? trains? weather looks better, but it's England, so anyone's guess really.

  • I can't do Sunday, but v happy for others to ride it on Sunday instead if it works for most people - route is in OP.

  • lurking thread

    Back on the bike now, but cold swimming, miles from home/hot shower might be a ste...stroke too far for me atm...:/

  • no obligation to swim ...

  • forecast for saturday is looking decent now ~

  • indeed - looking better and better

  • Sorry to say I'm out.

  • I've got a cyclocross training session on Sunday, so wouldn't be able to do the ride that day.

  • The weather is looking better and better, so I declare Saturday's ride ON. See you all at Iver.

  • Can we do a groupsave from Paddington?

  • No reason why not, we just ned to commit to meeting a bit earlier and all going for the same train - Saturday monrings can be a bit of a nightmare at Paddington. Shall we say meet 8.30 at the ticket office?

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2014-08-30 - Wild Swimming Clifton Hampden

Posted by Avatar for KT_Bee @KT_Bee