Celebrate LFGSS moving to Microcosm (beers!)

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  • The Flask, N6 6BU
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  • On my way.
    Forgot my lock.
    Anyone able to help out?

  • On day 9 of 12 in a row at work so had to leave early but North drinks are lovely! Will be back.

  • I gave up... Cold rain is worse than rain

  • Great night. Lovely to see everyone!

    Big cheers for @Velocio for a super forum. :)

  • Very nice night. Very nice beer. People weren't had either.

  • And moaning about microcosm was at a minimum. Of course, that's because the events feature is broken...

  • Great meeting you @Velocio, @ChainBreaker I am disapoint, I came mainly for the hugs!
    Everyone else - good seeing you all/meeting you.
    Always fun shedding a couple of speed tears on the decent home.

  • Had a lovely night, was great to see all the forumers I know and to have a good chat with @mashton and @Velocio who were new faces to me, I'm now very confident microcosm will be big :) and yes I'm young even if you don't remember my first appearance here! Haha

  • Great evening, was really lovely to meet everyone, it's not true what they say about Southerners!

  • Fun night. Was quite tipsy on the ride home. Was actually worried that it was getting too cold and started by thinking a train would be better given distance, alcohol and cold. Sat in the train station 30 minutes before I realised I'd missed my last train and was now very cold and staring down the long ride home. Loved the ride though, something so blissful about cruising down Notting Hill when there's no other vehicles around and the soft whir of rubber on damp streets is the only sound to keep you company.

    Also fun meeting people, the familiar faces of @mashton and @jonny and the new faces of the St Paul's group.

    Also lovely in the Flask, their food is a hell of a lot better than the Wests old venue.

  • I love the forum and the people I've met and ridden with through it so I was glad to celebrate with you people. Glad to give @velocio and @jonny and @middleofnowhere andsome real life rep (for TNRC/WNKR) and just generally happy to swan around drinking £4 pints wearing other people's rapha to stay warm.

  • Im so glad you changed your name back YAL!!! Much better as youramericanlover. All this abbreviations of actual forum names is weird.

  • Sorry Crop :-(

  • Yeah fun night! Really nice to meet new people and see old faces.
    Highlight was scoring the loom band from sven! :)
    Midlight heaing about Katy's and Sven's TT runs and video.
    Lowlight was realising YAL looks sexier in my clothes than I do :(

  • Thanks for coming to visit yesterday folks - lovely to see you all

  • ^^ That is so not true.

  • Lovely session last night. @freebird and I enjoyed chatting to a variety of forum folk, some known and some new. We really need more whole forum meet ups. Thanks again @velocio for the continuation of lfgss, saving the forum from sinking servers.

    While some have issues and are struggling with change... don't forget the best advice on the forum #htfu ! (and give it a chance)

  • Really wish I could have made it, moving house is the worst. But I'll be at the next forum migration beers for sure.

  • Good to see some old faces :)

  • Great to meet some forum folks (outside of buying and selling stuff) at last. Very nice chatting to you @Velocio, @skydancer & @itsbruce. Well worth hacking up Highgate West Hill for a beer, but it was much more fun on the way down!

  • That reminds me, on the way down the hill with @mands and @Ruu we were followed by a 4x4 of some sort. He gave us plenty of room and didn't try any dodgy manouevre until Archway roundabout at the bottom. Turned around to give him the thumbs up to find he wass already giving me the thumbs up. Cheers bloke in car, that was appreciated in the conditions.

  • Enjoyed some pints and seeing some old faces. Great to see simon and mash looking so healthy. Great to see mat middle and chris rameye not looking as healthy. But then they rock the unhealthy style.

  • Yeah fun night! Really nice to meet new people and see old faces.

    Good to see some old faces :)

    Enjoyed some pints and seeing some old faces.

    enough already!

    Too soon?

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Celebrate LFGSS moving to Microcosm (beers!)

Posted by Avatar for Velocio @Velocio