Celebrate LFGSS moving to Microcosm (beers!)

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  • The Flask, N6 6BU
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  • To celebrate LFGSS successfully migrating to Microcosm, I'm proposing to buy some of you a drink (whoever turns up and requests one when I happen to be at the bar).

    The venue is The Flask, home of North Drinks.

    And this is effectively a North Drinks invasion.

    Come along... it's been too long since we had a really big meet with lots of familiar faces.

  • Can I have a quick spin in your Mini?

  • I don't have it yet... it's being built somewhere and I'll have it in 5-6 weeks.

  • out.

  • I live near there. Be warned.

  • definitely out.

  • Hopefully will be able to come.

    David, I'll buy you a beer. You deserve it.

  • This is the first time I've looked at an event thread. Very cool!

  • Fuchsia yeah

  • Heh. Guess the auto correct is working

  • Congrats forum, congrats David

    I'm sure some Death TT times can be put down?
    Xander? JD?

    I'll let the Flask know it might be another large night. Look after the Northies in my absence and yes Swain's Lane is the required route.

  • Yay I'm in!
    Death TT run 2 I'm game

  • You're buying eh? Books Wednesday off..

  • Hippy merges all the beers with his stomach.

  • Damn. Working that evening. Another time... Have a good one, you've earnt it.

  • Did someone say free beer?

  • In. Good plan.

  • I can't make it, but the event thread is COOL!

  • can we arrange a big white table cover?


  • Thought you had quit the clan.

  • Nice one, especially for choosing a decent pub in the bast part of town as the venue :)

  • Nice one, especially for choosing a decent pub in the bast part of town as the venue :)

    Sure is. #arsenalterritory

  • Is this for a sacrfice or have I got the wrong end of the stick?
    (sacrifice Corny?)

  • still in here regular john. never been a prolific poster. be good to have a beer with you on Tues. and have your last ride of the summer on my radar

  • nah. Silly little joke at the expense of all the white worriers about the new canvas. but if we can take out corny too...

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Celebrate LFGSS moving to Microcosm (beers!)

Posted by Avatar for Velocio @Velocio