Roydon time, doo do-do do-do d'do

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  • Roydon, Herts
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  • So probably no 19:28 then?

  • Citymapper still saying the 28 is on time...
    edit: as is national rail

  • I'm currently riding a train from Tottenham Hale to Harlow town (stopping at Roydon) and it's working fine. I'm still almost certainly bedwetting for other reasons, but trains seem to be running ok.

  • Thanks, I'll aim to get the Liverpool Street 7:28 at Tottenham Hale (7:40), then.

  • You are probably on a train that got diverted to/from Stratford though

  • I'm heading to Tottenham, looks less risky train wise.

  • I'm in 'murica. No trains here either.

  • Enjoyed that, sorry for being anti social but I'm enjoying the solo stuff more right now.

  • Just me and the voices in my head.

    Arguing with themselves.

  • Awesome ride, thanks to Route Munch for wayfinding, and everybody for general and specific excellences. Final list:

    Ride out:
    1) rod_munch
    2) jaeyukdapbap
    3) ruserius

    19:25 train out from Tottenham Hale:
    1) Oliver Schick

    19:40 train out from Tottenham Hale:
    1) Ramsaye
    2) Si88

    On holiday:
    1) middleofnowhere
    2) YAL

    1) TurtleRecall

    1) Howard

    Solo ride back and hearing voices:
    1) Ramsaye

  • Fantastic ride!
    Some terrifying descending in the dark. Legs are feeling a little rough today.

    Thanks all!!

  • Great to meet you, Si. Oh, and you really have to meet @mmccarthy and talk about the strange fact that everybody else wears excessive clothing most of the time. :)

  • Massive thanks @Rod_Munch for leading last night and appearing from the undergrowth on the way out with your Garmin just when the gravel of the canals had got too much. That coffee on the station veranda was pretty sophisticated. Nice to meet some new people too!

  • Was it one of those T shirt and a pair of shorts numbers?

  • Thanks for coming out everyone - that was one lovely evening.

    Sorry we didn't quite make it back in time for the pub - good job Matt was on holiday, he would have been LIVID!

    Dan, I owe you a coffee*. G, I owe you a coke..

    *See what we've become since you left Matt? If you don't return soon we'll all have shaved legs and copies of Rouleur instead of fig rolls and beer!

  • Just how were you able to get it in one guess?

  • You may take my fig rolls but you'll never tek my Beeeeeeer!

    Glad to hear the ride happened, all the train stuff sounded pretty terminal, sounded like it might hit the buffers at one point.

  • Turns out I was back in the smoke for this, huff. Glad it stayed on track.

  • Thinkin' of y'all this time of year.



  • Thundridge A1170 is you. Always!

  • FFS thought it was this week!

  • Matt changed it this year. We used to ride on brown bin week but this year we're riding the week between brown bin week. Does my head in but there you are.

    I bet he doesn't even have a brown bin so doesn't understand the confusion he's caused.

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Roydon time, doo do-do do-do d'do

Posted by Avatar for middleofnowhere @middleofnowhere