A Canal Loop

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  • Islington Canal Tunnel, West Portal, anti clockwise.
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  • just before the junction with the Grand Union ( Bulls Bridge )

    Technically that muddy section is also the grand union, it's the Paddington branch all the way down to Little Venice. I was surprised that the regent's canal only runs from lv to Limehouse

  • I tried the loop last Saturday, started off OK at Limehouse but boy-o-boy did it get busy coming up to Camden, got about a 1/4 of the way round, liked it (apart from the amount of other folk thoroughly enjoying the scenery and the weather). I made a mistake trying it on a sunny Saturday didn't I?!

    I'll try it again though but this time on a weekday.

  • Yeah Camden would be almost unusable on a sunny Saturday. Definitely a mid week venture for those able to slide out of work during the week. I saw very people on Tuesday, and the path wasn't too muddy at all.

  • Excellent, ta Backstop. Glad to hear a midweek is 'do-able', my current employ finishes in 4 and a bit weeks time and I'm free n easy until the next 'career-opportunity' comes up.

  • Yey! I finally did it, Thursday was a good day to pick.

    Propered knackered, did it on Scobswell, Fixed. PB for total distance in 1 day, 81.2 miles all in as its over 30 miles there and back just to the start point for me at Limehouse Basin.

  • Nice one, it's a really nice ride for putting some miles in.

  • Ta, it was really nice to be riding next to the water for so long.

    This is what I did yesterday.

  • good effort
    that combines 2 of my regular rides
    usually done on separate days

  • did this again today with a few extensions, lovely conditions and a special surprise spinning along the thames at super-low tide

    thanks again to @dicki for such a great route the first time round, really one of my alltime favs

  • Well done Platypus, its a nice loop innit, I'm hoping to do it again soon.

  • I might be up for another loop (and beer) shortly. I'm due a day off before xmas.

  • I might have a day off around the 16th December, though I'd have to confirm nearer the time.

  • Anybody up for this in the next few weeks?

  • I did much of it yesterday, but in my boat.

  • @kl that must have been very nice!

  • A speedboat? Though I suppose chugging around at walking pace you could do a reasonable chunk.

    I'm at work until halfterm in about 6 weeks so up for an autumn edition

  • did this again today, must be the 7th time or so I've done it in my 50km Greenford Park version.

    aside from a few hundred meters of muddiness it was perfect, crisp day with strong sun, and the cafe by the zoo was open for a halfway cup of tea, doing roaring ice cream trade

  • You almost rode past our gaff. The new gaff, not the old gaff. Which you rode past.

  • ah! if only I knew

  • Widebeam. With a fair wind, luck with the locks and taking the absolute piss with speed limits, you can get from Limehouse to Southall in a day.

  • Was the canal not extremely busy today?

  • only east of trellick tower, after then it's always quiet

  • Did a large amount of this route today, was lovely.

    Thanks for the route.

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A Canal Loop

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