A Canal Loop

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  • Islington Canal Tunnel, West Portal, anti clockwise.
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  • Re-Run of the previous. I'll be running 23c cause I like to wobble.

    I'll be doing a jaunt of the Regent's, Paddington Branch, Grand Union, Thames and Limehouse Cut on Friday. Feel free to join in of you've got the day off.

    Hopefully the towpaths will be pretty empty during daylight hours, but as it is all shared with peds in theory the pace can drop. IF you want a speed run, better come back after midnight.

    I've ridden this once before and it's a nice day out to see different bits of London by bike and almost entirely traffic free.

    There are some bits out West which are a bit cx, so expect some muddy shoes.

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    i do a regular run, stratford to brentford along the canal then back along the thames
    it's a lovely ride

  • Hah, I thought you might be tempted Dicki.

  • This looks super fun, alas I am working. I'm looking forward to the strave upload though so I can pinch the route.

  • I can pinch the route.

    It's literally just follow the towpath, with a bumble through a town centre here and there...

  • I've got lost on a canal paths before (goddamn you Lea Valley) and I'm sure I'll do it again so I'm still taking it :)

  • What distance are you riding?

  • The loop is about 50 miles, but feel free to only do the bit you fancy

  • Great route. I've done most of it. A highlight is the canal going over the a406 north circular. And the three bridges at southall. Still marvels of engineering.
    But nothing beats the gentle wafting aroma of genuine indian food through southall.

  • Good route.

  • Three bridges is probably the highlight, but there is a decayed warehouse/boathouse shell somewhere that has a nice ring of dead industry about it.

  • Just as a warning, I rode westwards on the paddington arm of the grand union 2 weeks ago and they are doing works around the north circular area. There are some dismount and walk signs (I just rode them as it was late and very few people on the towpath) and a few places where the fence really was all the way across the path. There is space enough to continue your journey, but I did dismount in those places.

  • Think that might be brentford.

  • Yeah, it was that part of town.

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    @dicki I promise no inner tube shenanigans this time

  • have you been practising your bunny hops ?

  • Getting there

  • That is...so not good

  • That's a great example for a physics lesson.

  • so it's 9am at islington tunnel, just to confirm all the gubbins at the top

  • at the west end of the tunnel / camden side

  • Looks dry tomorrow, I'm in!

  • Yeah, the event map has the right start point, just by Muriel Street.

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A Canal Loop

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