(K)LFGSS does the JAMs

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  • In celebration of the JAMs/KLF return from obscurity, a ride around many London landmarks that featured in the JAMs mythology.

    This is so far only a provisional list, and feel free to suggest additional locations (as I will in the time leading up to the date);

    Locations so far (and in no particular order yet);

    Westminster Square - featured in the video for 3AM Eternal
    Tower Bridge Bridge (N/B) - "
    Cauty's Studio - Doyce Street
    47 Jeffreys Road, Stockwell - Trancentral
    *Village Productions site in Daganham - where they recorded DTT
    The old Heaven nightclub (Charing Cross Rd x Shaftsbury Avenue) - The Land of Oz site
    The Apollo on Queen Caroline St - Brit Awards 92
    The Foundry - Great Eastern Street junction with Old Street
    Goldhawk Road - The Townhouse recording studio
    Battersea - The old Sunday Times billboard site
    Mick's Garage at Crate Brewery - Jimmy Cauty exhibited there last year
    Lancaster Hotel, Lancaster Terrace - Post Brit Awards dead sheep scene of crime

    Ride starts at 23.08 and ends at 3AM.

    There will be some kind of ritual to be performed at each location, culminating in some kind of miniature spectacle at the end, which will be at Trancentral at 3am (naturally).


  • Paging @Jurek or @JurekB

  • Ah! Jurek has left the building.
    Only just spotted this. I met Jimmy Cauty last year (I think) at his Aftermath Dislocation Principle exhibition in America Street arches. Pleasantries were exchanged.
    It is a shame this is a mid-week gig. I'll have to see what I am doing closer to the time - but thank you for the notice.
    ETA - BTW, I think it is Tower Bridge on 3AM Eternal...

  • Yes, indeed Tower Bridge is what I meant. Good job I don't want to buy it...

    Am thinking if the mid-week thing is a breaker, perhaps could move it to the preceding weekend, and the set-off time will have to be 23.08hrs. Maybe that's better, although finish time will still be 3AM.

  • I'm a big fan and would love to do this, I'm off to Spain on the 26th so assuming you do it on the proceeding weekend - 19th - then count me in.

    Other POI's you could include;

    A start at the Village Productions site in Daganham (not much to see tbh) where they recorded DTT then ride in on the A13
    The Land of Oz site at the old Heaven nightclub (Charing Cross Rd x Shaftsbury Avenue)
    The Apollo on Queen Caroline St - where they performed at the Brit Awards
    The Foundry - Great Eastern Street junction with Old Street
    The Townhouse recording studio on Goldhawk Road (WTIL, nice old building)
    The old Sunday Times billboard site in Battersea - it's probably long gone by now though
    Mick's Garage at Crate Brewery - Jimmy Cauty exhibited there last year (good excuse for beer and pizza)

  • btw...

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  • Thanks for those suggestions, I'll add them to the prospective list. They're exactly the types of locations I was hoping for. Where did they dump the dead sheep? Maybe I need to invest in some minced lamb for that ceremony.

    Dagenham could be a stretch though!

  • Where did they dump the dead sheep?

    The lobby of the Royal Lancaster Gate Hotel I believe. Was at a work event there years ago and a mate was quite excited about the fact we could stand where pop history was added to.

  • It's been renamed by the looks of it, is just the Lancaster London now.

  • @finger_jockey
    Weren't Drummond and Gimpo involved in the Foundry in Old St?

  • If I can come I'll wear my Fuck the Millennium t-shirt

  • I'm a bit vague in The Foundry; I'd heard that Drummond was involved, but you're probably right about Gimpo. He's been involved in much of their capers, from what I've read.

    If you wear your t-shirt, I'll dig out my trancentral l/s, complete with moth holes.

  • What KLF coming back? I was educating my team on them (forcing them to listen) only two weeks ago.

  • Nice article, thanks. I'd only been there a handful of time as I worked and lived nearby. Took a date there on one occasion, though don't think they were impressed by the decor (their loss).

  • I've updated the date for a more work-friendly Saturday night ride, and updated the original post to reflect the added POIs.

  • I'm definitely up for it and hopefully bringing a couple of extras. Wonder if you can fit a helmet on over a horn.

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  • Too far to add to the itinerary, but curious all the same. A worthy reminder that not everything happens in the London's famous London.

  • Very interested - great idea!

    My KLF claims to fame:

    1) I was one of the 17 when Bill recorded/deleted it in the Seventeen art gallery on Kingsland Rd.
    2) I once sent them off a cheque for some merch (if you were on the mailing list they used to send out dot matrix printed catalogs) and said that if the thing I ordered had been deleted (like they did all the time - most stuff never even existed to start with) they could burn it. They did and sent me back the ashes...

  • As for locations, there's the alleyway in Hackney where they have been posting the poster above (and others like it) revealing details of the reunion (it's the only place they've appeared). Dunno where it is though.

  • I am in favour of this, and will bring a speaker and some KLF beats.

    Probably the chill album :)

  • Fantastic. On the subject of burning things, I thought that the ceremony at each location could consist of burning a miniature replica of something JAMs-based, collect the ashes, then bury them all in a container at the final location, with a reference to an Insta (or similar) account where we'll have documented the night's activities, in case someone ever finds it.

    And amazing to have been part of The 17, loved the book.

  • That would be amazing. The idea of riding London to Chill Out is quite an appealing paradox.

  • This is the spot where the posters have been going up

    Plus code for google maps - 9C3XGWHC+8Q - and see photo

    It would appear that a book is coming by the looks of the FF website


    There was some other stuff on the k2 website about Alex Patterson being back in favour but it's gone now, this is all that's left


    Then there's this


    All very exciting!

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(K)LFGSS does the JAMs

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