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  • smells of malibu.

    ahaaaaaa you cheeky cnut.

    And the cheeky dave lord cobblemonster calling me a
    mockney and telling me I'm like Robert Elms. The truth hurts, and that one stung. No-one likes him!

  • Haha. Always good to see you.

    Let us know if yhou ever ventuire north, or I'll catch you on the road soon.


  • @Skülly - All I said was you had the look of Elms!, it was somebody else who uttered the words 'professional Mockney' and he was talking about R.Elms, not you sir:)....these things happen in the heat of the GHT beer garden.

    Thanks to all from this forum who continue to support, donate and say nice things - and always enter into the spirit of the thing - we the organisers salute you! Money still dribbing and drabbing but we aim to have a total of how much dough we made for The Evelina up by the end of this week.

  • Haha^ no really I'm a mockney, the cap fits!

    Which reminds me, I haven't yet donated to Evelina. Will do pronto to add to the total. Remind us of how to do that please @Dave_Cobblemonster? Thanks mate and your Cobblettes, as always a lovely event. Chapeau Bas!

  • Excellent day! Thanks very much to all involved!

  • Thanks very much for another awesome day!

  • @Skülly - cheers, you can donate here.

  • good to see you bud.
    see you about!

  • Greetings folks,

    Well that was a lovely day out....

    Now then you are not going to believe this but it is fact. I met BC chums last week and they told me that the one and only Nicole Cooke did the ride - she was one of the first back and was drinking pints bless her...

    Really enjoyed the day. Watched Paris - Roubaix race and having seen that, I can confirm that it seemed a doddle compared to what we all did.

    Peace and love to one and all,

  • Really enjoyed the day. Watched Paris - Roubaix race and having seen that, I can confirm that it seemed a doddle compared to what we all did.

    Says the man who did Regent's laps. :)

    Nicole Cooke is great, I bet she's on here, too. How else could she have known about the ride? :)

  • Might have been all my posts to various club Facebook sites?

  • @Dave_Cobblemonster did anyone hand in a little drawstring bag containing 2 inner tubes, 2 tyre levers and a little Lezyne tool? Would love to get them back.

    Thanks for another great ride. Loved it.

  • Have you called the Gypsy Hill Tavern?

  • @smiff Sadly not Joe, nothing was handed in. Agree with Zebra, call the GHT and ask for Yvonne or Hazel, they'd know if its there.

    It was great to have Nicole Cooke on the ride. When she signed on I nudged the guy next to me and said 'she really looks like Nicole Cooke.':) She was incredibly cool and mixed it up with the other riders in the beer garden. There were a lot of comedy double takes!

    We aim to have a full total raised out there this week.


  • @Zebra_Cyclist I did on Monday and spoke to a guy who sounded pissed and were going to call me back but didn't. Will try again and ask for Yvonne or Hazel.

  • Greetings Oliver,

    I think the draw of Sarf Babylon-don fashion week must have pulled her in...

    Peace and love,

  • Bling and matching floral accessories are a strong look this season...

    1 Attachment

    • corvos_nicole_cooke_wearing_gold.jpg
  • Greetings folks,

    Been out today driving the works van over to Stepney Green. Made me smile seeing the pink arrows around there and also saw several just south of Tower Bridge.

    Many happy memories of a super fun day out !

    Peace and love,

  • I saw this too! I did some of the route again and there's still a lots left in south London hills.

  • Back on 8th April from Brixton Cycles. May attend this years for the first time.


  • If you haven't seen, Cobblemonster is back in April! Registration will be opening asap (just figuring out the donation hosting now Virgin Money Giving is no more), the LFGSS event is here: https://www.lfgss.com/events/6963/

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The Cobblemonster (formerly known as TLC) - The cobbles, the hills, the madness.

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