It's the End of the World as We Know It

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  • That's great! It starts with an earthquake,
    Birds and snakes, an aeroplane.
    Lenny Bruce is not afraid

    But I am, mostly of Ranmore, but it has to be done.

    The classic Surrey 5 Hills Season Closer, doesn't need a description, just get your names down and bring a couple of quid for a pint at the end.

    Train out from Waterloo 19:02 arrives Eff. Jnc. 19:45

    Return trains 22:20, 22:50, 23:03, last 23:23

  • Train out:

    1) middleofnowhere

    Ride out:


  • You are Michael Stipe AICM£5.

  • Shit, I'm going to have to miss this due to being in Las Vegas on a free holiday.


  • Shit, I'm going to have to miss this due to being in Las Vegas on a free holiday.


    We can re-schedule if you want.

  • Due to totally foreseeable but still non-negotiable events I have to stay in for kid duties this Thursday. Sorry all.

  • Good write up though Matt

  • No need to change plans on my account. I'll join you in spirit by getting bladdered and betting away my life savings. All 32p.

  • Blackjack.

    Stick to blackjack, it has the lowest house margin so should take the longest to lose all your money. This is important as the drinks are complimentary so long as you are still at a table.

  • I'll be between jobs that day so I can't really avoid it, can I?

    I'll be spending some/most of the day winding my way from Enfield to Effingham. If anyone else is equally free and wants to make it a date...

  • Looks cosy. TdWoodGreen and just claim a Surrey jaunt?

  • But that would be cheating, I'd never do anything like that.

  • I'm in :fear:

    Taking the train.

    @Hellab @bsb what do you say?

  • Another for the train out.

  • Currently fighting off a wasp sting that has left me looking like the elephant man - but still hoping to be there..

  • I'm planning on riding out, if I can just get my chain to stfu. The new chain I put on yesterday is very crunching and noisy. Came to work via bike shop and they couldn't diagnose what the hell it is either. Might have to bring the geared one?!

  • I've no problems with people bringing gears for this so long as they are prepared to wait for me at the top and bottom of each hill.

    The way I've been feeling recently there is a good chance whether you're fixed of geared you'll have to be prepared to wait for me at the top and bottom, and possibly even the middle, of each hill. Or at least have a pint waiting for me by the time I get to the Haig.

  • I've got a clicky chainring. Hopefully it's just the chainring bolts working loose again.

  • Wishing you all the very nicest end of season ride tonight.

  • Was hoping to make this 2016 finale, but a crank snapping mid ride and my ribs not quite surviving the subsequent tumble put paid to that. Enjoy the ride - nice night for it.

  • oof, nasty. Broken or bruised? Not that either is ideal.

    Hope you're healed up in time for the post-season drinks.

  • Any word as to whether the elephant man is coming?

  • 20mins and 14 miles to go doesn't really work. I've got the route if you want to go on ahead. Probably won't be there until 8:15 at this rate

  • We are in the pub!

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It's the End of the World as We Know It

Posted by Avatar for middleofnowhere @middleofnowhere