Hard Day in January '17

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  • I can be in two places at once

  • Nice one @Howard.

    This is a strong list, better get my shit in gear and get some fitness back / up. My celebratory MAMIL ride yesterday was underwhelming :(

  • @Howard - You've done me a sad

    @youramericanlover - Stop saying 35 is middle-aged!

  • Oh, and happy birthday

  • @Howard - You've done me a sad

    My skills of disorganisation astound me sometimes

  • Possible in. Will be on gears, but offset as I'll be riding to the start.... from Bristol.

  • What do you know, you're like 29 or something.

    But ok I'll stop

  • Thanks for your response - I thought you might be busy.

    Had you considered meeting at The Orchard cafe on the A30 (Staines by-pass) It would be warmer than outside the station. Some one would need to check it will be open.

  • Potentially in as I cant do the club run the following day.

    Would prob ride over and do it SS

  • Whoop whoop! See you there old man!

    Hopefully I'll make it for this ride, probably most likely be riding from Beckton. Anyone coming from that way too?


  • Old man!?! how very dare you!

    I vote @HoKe for backstop, he does a wonderful job and its he's the correct distance away to allow polite conversation in the rest of the group.....

  • Who said fixie?

  • polite conversation


  • he's the correct distance away to allow the rest of the group to be spared his jovial moaning.....

    I see no lies?

  • I'll probably ride out from Camden if anyone is game.

  • Awww

    You know full well I'll be at the back to keep you company :)

    Depending on your route over from the East I can meet you en route matey

  • If you're riding there then I can meet you anywhere tbh! =)

  • Ok, lets sort something out at chaingang or a Clubrun

  • Group riding post

    Ideally I'd like the pace of this ride to be around 17 mph so group riding etiquette will be asked of everyone. However I might not be able to hack that pace so therefore depending on the group I may split it into a Fast group and Medium group (me in the medium group) as I see some strong riders provisionally in who may want to push harder get their money's worth on the day. I would still like to re-group with everyone at the turnaround for LOLs and Bantz before either heading back either as one or two groups.

    I know it sounds a bit serious and everything but it's quite far for me and it might be very cold so let's make the most of the group's energy.

  • I've not ridden in a group before so I would really appreciate any help on the day. Having two groups sounds like a great idea (with meeting up at the halfway) but I bow to the more experienced/fitter riders.

  • Not to poke my nose in, but we could just run it like a normal club run affair?

    15/16mph av, wait at junctions and hill tops etc?

    happy to do whatever is decided though :)

    In for the LOLs mainly as keen to avoid the BCC 'tempo' Saturday training smash up until at least Feb....

  • I think trying to keep the group together is a good idea, even if only to the half way point. Happy to be on call as backstop for a slow group if it happens though

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Hard Day in January '17

Posted by Avatar for youramericanlover @youramericanlover