Hard Day in January '17

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  • In 1959 @clubman went for a 90 mile ride on his fixed wheel bike in the freezing cold weather. It was hard (as you might imagine). To commemorate that ride he's run a similar ride for the forum appropriately named the Hard Day in January. This is the 2017 edition.

    This is intended as a fixed gear ride, and although there will be some climbing there is nothing too steep to cope with on a reasonable gear, say 67-75gi. It's not that geared bikes are unwelcome, rather the idea is that it's a hard ride which riding fg/ss should ensure. Though of course if you show up on gears it's not like you'll be turned away.

    Start location is the Cafe Nero on the pedestrianised high street a 2 min cycle from the station. Fuel up from 8:30, roll out at 9. - the last train from Waterloo to arrive before 9am is the 8:20 (34 mins). We'll have a stop at the turnaround point in Berinsfield, the H Café. The ride will finish at the Old Red Lion for a celebratory pint and then we'll ride the 300 meters back to Staines Station.

    Route is below. Hope to see you there.

  • Last time I did this @zanda ripped my legs off on the ride out so due to the emotional fallout from that I'll be catching the train to Staines.

  • Geared. Train to Staines.

  • Well done Dan. Will get the fixed out of storage for this.

  • Could probably ignore you but will not as I have very fond memories of Zanda.

    Do something good for cycling on this weekend like lead the Islington CC C-ride.

  • Or get a fixed.

  • For one ride? What is this? London Fixed Gear & Single Speed or something??!

  • Oh I'd forgotten about that. Really should have spoken up with a better route

  • Suppose I could throw some drops on the Vigorelli. No mudguards though, so in the dry only.

  • I'm up for this, just dependant on getting pomp finished and my fitness levels

  • Ooh nice! Will check it does not clash in anything else but in otherwise.

  • @C.B. (if you get the fixed together…)

  • You can avoid most of the grim curved A road bypass just before and after the H Café by going through Dorchester on Thames.

  • Thanks, good suggestion. It might make the approach to the turnaround a little nicer.

  • @6pt just seeing this now. By Jan I would hope to be there. Hopefully my legs haven't gone to total shit by that time.

  • This topic seems to have gone very quiet.

    I have an interest because some one will have to be at Staines Sailing Club on the morning, and they won't be amused if no one turns up.

    I do hope the ride goes ahead, and I haven't totally dismissed the idea that I might come with you, but I am not taking any responsibility for this ride. It needs some one else to organise.

    It seemed that 'Your American Lover' had taken this role, but I have tried to send him a 'personal message' via the forum and had no response.

    Over to you.

  • Hey @clubman I've just sent you a PM. Please forgive the lack of communication, just bought a flat and moved the family in (and was working the xmas lights ride thread on here) but this ride is definitely still on.

    As I'm not sure how many we'll have for this the start location will now be Staines station instead of the sailing club. Hopefully we'll get some new momentum for this ride and maybe in coming years we'll be able to justify using the sailing club, however for this year let's just get out there and get some hard January miles in.

    We're about a month away all, drop your name if you're interested!

  • Is there any safe/free parking near the station? May have to drive as a train journey for me involves going into London to come out again.

  • Looks like this might be useful? There are a couple of pay parking spots near but a couple of roads are free to park - http://en.parkopedia.co.uk/parking/locat­ions/station_approach_gcpsse1djpj/?count­ry=uk&arriving=201701140800&leaving=2017­01141600

  • right. am in. 67 GI fixed.

  • Great to have you along @jonny.

    Start point changed and last train from Waterloo to arrive before 9am (8:20) added to description.

  • cheers dude. always wanted to do one of these and the calendar finally aligns. looking forward to it.

  • Cool, thank - very useful

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Hard Day in January '17

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