LFGSS 10th Birthday Party

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  • Is that you as a Powerpuff Girl character?

  • I never realised quite how comfortable the chairs are down here.

  • Moar photos


  • Last night was wicked! Sorry I couldn't say hello to everyone, it was nice to see so many new and older faces. Kudos to everyone who survived the grand slam, you guys are heros!!!

    @dancing james GAME ON BITCH!!!

  • Some pictures from the good old fish eye:

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  • Great meeting so many of you IRL :)

  • Had an awesome night seeing the usual suspects and those not so usual. The few pictures that are actually okay will be posted later!

  • I am feeling great. The sun is shining and I am getting ready to ride my bike to Kent and back. Road bike today. Nice.

    ^ just in case we forget how great it is to ride bikes ^

  • @mattioats and I were trying to guess who you were but didn't see anyone looking likely - when did you leave?

  • when did @6pt leave? when did @ChainBreaker leave? When did I leave?!

    ugh my head .. 10/10 party

  • Did you make it to MoS or wherever in the end?!

  • Top party. Wonderful seeing all the OGs again. And I left early enough to ride home safely wake up feeling fine.

  • Bugger, sorry I completely missed that!

    How come everyone left so early? I thought it was on until 2am

  • Bar closed at midnight sharp.

  • We're getting older.

  • Speak for yourself

  • About 12 i think... I didn't get a chance to say hi to everyone :(

  • @ChainBreaker has a pic though or i can post one here :)

  • Managed to get my train and everything but must've slept through the tshirt giving, any chance of sorting out posting?

  • Please say Hi to them for me!

  • I left early but later than I had originally intended. My timing was nigh on immaculate. I arrived as the GSIAD crew arrived and left in time to hit the disruption caused by the Essex Road incident and almost be knocked off by one of the first police vehicles to arrive.

  • Thanks for a lovely evening everybody. Wish I could have spoken to everybody for longer but the little chats I had were better than not. Friends and beer are such a great combination. vb thanks for keeping this home alive, it's been a bowl of hot tomato soup to so many over the past ten years when life for them has been cold, dark or falling apart. You must have had offers to cash it in or just felt like walking away so many times but you didn't, so thank you. Long live Lfgss

    Picture courtesy of @reeen

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  • Awesome fun! Sorry I left early and missed some of you (inc @6pt) but Battle on the Beach was had in glorious summer weather. Laaarvley.

  • Happy birthday Forum, pleased to hear everyone had a great time

  • I saw you! You rode past me and laner on st john street. Didn't manage to get a shout out though.

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LFGSS 10th Birthday Party

Posted by Avatar for Velocio @Velocio