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  • LHBPA are pleased to announce we are holding a two-day polo extravaganza on the weekend of 3/9/2016 at a cost of £36 per registered 3 person team.

    This comes after a significant lull in LHBPA activity, and we stress that it’s all about the lulz: Players from all skill levels are urged to take part, this isn't intended to being a full on competitive event. Understand that due to lack of funding and volunteer time, this is unfortunately not a replacement for the London Open, but any additional funds unused on patches, pizza and beers, will go into the LHBPA pot for future events.

    Day 1 – Castle - Tournament - Swiss rounds for seeding and finishing with knock out rounds for 16 x 3 player teams. ( Knockout stage and Final may happen Sunday depending on punctuality )

    Day 2 – Pool - 4 Vs 4 Pick Up Party – Clapham Common paddling pool!
    This is one of our newest playing locations, and why out of the way a bit has proved a massive success in promoting the sport and bringing the good times. Handy seating, surrounded by green, kind of in its own little enclosure. We love this place, please come and share the positive vibes.

    Aiming for 16 teams however may increase depending on interest

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/16639556­43928466/

    Register here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQ­LSfVHGAB8MrBCZHUa4iq4yhAjrXV6TlcPWnw7rcB­-qGMhYBabQ/viewform?c=0&w=1

  • Nice im in

  • Anyone need a third? Let me know.

  • Fete a la Maison ? @DBKAllan @cafafox

  • in, need a team

  • I'll probably be around for this.

  • looking for a third if anyone is available

  • 10 team registered! only 6 team slots left get in quick!!

  • WITCHCRAFT just registered!

    And btw, if anyone else is thinking of having black team kits, just know that it won't be as black as ours.

  • I'm up for this... Need to check diary. But....

  • Whaaaa

    Does ruckus signing up on podium mean anything

  • (Two day single Elim ftw)

  • Yea ignore Podium, haven't configured it properly, please register here: docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfVHGAB­8MrBCZHUa4iq4yhAjrXV6TlcPWnw7rcB-qGMhYBa­bQ/viewform?c=0&w=1

  • looking for a 3rd for two grantham guys if anyone can help out

  • Yo Grantham dudes

    I'll play with you

  • cheers i will let the guys know it will be andrew woodgate and tom astbury

  • Westway are in, looking for a third

  • is there a full list of teams registered thus far for the Lonely Open?

  • Here's what we have so far!

    Team Name Player 1 (Captain)Player 2 Player 3
    Polomon Go Oli Fenton Rob Stoner John Fenton
    Crash Test Dummies Ozzy Matt Danny Simpson Richard Miller
    WIGS Sylwia Jessie Lizzy
    Tbc Dave Morris Tom Pike TBC
    beatch boys tony luca semeraro arthur clapham
    See me now? Zsófi Bundai James Killingbeck Thom Hylton
    Deus Bags Nick Barnes Kristian Gill TBC
    One flew over Josh Hayden Mat
    TBC Tom Astbury Andrew Woodgate TBC
    TBC Laura Daumantas TBC
    WITCHCRAFT Fuchsia Miles Emmet
    Lucky Losers Lisa (NUR) Tanja (NUR) Lizzy (Glasgow)
    Fete a la Maison Dan Greg Charlie
    Westway Phil Ed Vit

    Sorry the formats messy!

    Danielle is subbing for one of the Grantham teams but im not 100% which one!

  • with tom and andrew

  • and with dave and tom from grantham joe from manchester is our 3rd

  • What the fuck Josh, Hayden, and Mat it's at newington. Split up!

    Jk, yall are going doooooowwwwwwwn

  • Think I'll be around for this if anyone wants to make a team. @snoops ?

  • Still two team slots available!

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LHBPA Castle - Clapham Beach Party (Tournament)(Kinda)(3/9/2016)

Posted by Avatar for DannyBoy @DannyBoy