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  • 7 Years ago we had one of the first Ladies ride - We made some great friends on that ride. Friends we still have. So let's do this again!
    All Women on bikes are welcome, this will be a gentle paced 10 miler from Buck House to Richmond Park for a picnic (or pub if it rains)

    We will be mostly on quiet roads and no-one will get left behind.

    To get an idea of what it might be like - have a look back at the thread from 7 years ago to see how much fun we had, we even got a wave from Joanna Lumley!

    Top Tips for a Great Day:

    1. Check your bike over before you set out, make sure your brakes
      work and your tyres are pumped up. Pack a spare tube at the very
      least - I will be carrying tools as will some others, but the more
      tubes we have the better - hopefully they won't be needed.

    2. Most of this route is on quiet roads, however there are a couple of places
      where we are crossing busy roads, please keep together. There are
      limited obstacles/pinch points on this route, but I will be shouting
      back when we are coming to a point where we need to slow down, etc -
      please pass this back through the ride so everyone at the back knows
      whats going on.

    3. This is a pretty slow paced ride, there are a couple
      of fairly easy inclines, some of the route is on towpaths, whilst the surface isn't
      too bad, I wouldn't advise riding tubs!

    4. Find my number in the phone
      numbers thread and put it in your phone.

    5. Bring a picnic! Obviously this is dependant on weather, if the weather is not picnic friendly we will be having a short stop in Richmond park at the Roehampton Cafe then back to a nearby pub - probably in Barnes.

    6. We expect to be hitting RP around Lunchtime for those that want to join us there
      at the ponds.

    7. I will be heading back from the park towards Shepherds Bush - with maybe a stop at Hammersmith riverside for a cheeky pint, anyone heading that way is welcome to join me. There should be several South Londoners on the ride who can lead back to SE or SW also.

    Weather is looking very good for Sunday, bring sunscreen and plenty of liquids!

    Route to Park:

    Download the gpsies app on your phone and you can easily find the route and refer to it.

  • Here's hoping we get all the work done on Saturday and I'm free for the Sunday!!

  • Hopefully attending, I have something else pencilled in for the day but it's a bit up in the air.

  • I have put this in my calendar!

  • excite!

  • Oooh. If I can get my act together by then, I'm in.

  • This is this coming weekend, yes? Is there a plan? Will there be any owls?

  • Yeah @hats, this weekend! So far the plan is ride, chats, cake, beers? I reckon. Me and Claire are doing a recce this week. I'm gonna ride in from Peckham with Julia, if you want to join us on the way(you're Brixton, right)? Anyone else south welcome to join the roll!

  • Yes Yes, Sam and I are just plotting world domination and spoke cards - if I can get the photoshop resources in time, it's gonna be a doozy!

  • Oh cool! Yep, I'm in Brixton so meeting up could work :) Excited!!

  • Awesome, I'll let you know when I have a better idea of what time we'll be through!

  • I'm assuming start again is ---

    Start: Buckingham Palace 10.00 for a 10.30 depart?

  • Gutted to be out. Chest infection has got serious. :(. You all have a good one.

  • Hey! I'll be leaving from Forest Hill, joining you at Peckham would be good good. Where about and what time are you departing?

  • Yep, 10am for a 10:30 depart, Socks sadly ain't gonna be able to make it now due to emergency family stuff

    on a brighter note, spoke card is done!

  • Ladies thank you all for a fantastic day! Same time next year?

  • Sorry for not coming, photos look ace...

  • That was brilliant, great route @clefty, thanks for a great day everyone!

  • Great day out! Thanks @clefty for organising!!

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Attack of the 50 Fixed Women - The Seven Year Itch

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