LFGSS.CC Skinsuit Processional

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  • Regents Park, outside Royal College of Physicians.
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  • So, you have- or should have by Thursday next week -your skinsuit. You probably have a bike. Come do some early morning laps and then proceed to a cafe somewhere nearby to pose like the heroes that normally require underwear on the outside of clothes that you are.

    I'll be there early doing some more laps.
    I'll be lapping from 06:00 feel free to join (will be 2 laps at pace then sprint sets).
    06:30-07:15: lapping at tempo (not super fast)
    07:30-08:00 processional laps finishing somewhere central for coffee.


  • I'll be there, but probably have to leave early due to work commitment.

  • I would like to come but I have neither a skinsuit nor a shred of cycling ability. But I do like coffee

  • Professional laps? I like that. Will come if work permits.

  • In. But can only get there around 7:15. Unless I leave home around half 4. What happens between 07:15 and 07:30?

  • 15 minute interlude to admire one another.

  • Can someone please film this.

    Something like that RPR thing on Vimeo, but with more posing.


  • Are you gonna matchy-matchy socks?

  • That would be good, but I don't know if we've got anyone charismatic enough to narrate.

  • None of them have any commuter bags... fake commuters.

  • will exotic do?

  • Anyone game for similarly professional laps tomorrow morn?

  • Err...
    Damn phones.
    But mostly a re-grouping.

  • Who's in then?

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  • Charged my bike, washed my LS skinsuit! Game on!


  • I will do my best but I have a track record of not making it to early morning anything.

  • I won't be there until about 7:15. But I've washed my bike and charged my legs.

  • I am. so is 6pt

  • I had a fun morning: https://www.lfgss.com/comments/13073003/­ but should still be good for tomorrow :) I'm also more likely for 7am.

    What are you guys doing about commuter baggage? It seems a shame to have a large messenger bag over the skinsuit, but not sure there's any other way as I need clothes, towel, and laptop, etc.

  • Brought stuff for tomorrow in to work today. Lockers in the Park?

  • There are lockers in the park?

  • We'll be there for you tomorrow.
    I have no idea what time I'll be out at. A lot is riding on whether or not the race happens tonight over at Lee Valley. I will be there, regardless,at 06:30.

    There are lockers, I can't remember when they open- think you have to call them.

  • There are, but they don't open until 0830 or something frustratingly late. Great for after-work laps though! They're in the Hub, which has showers etc too. Worth knowing about if you don't already.

  • In

  • I misread "07:30-08:00 processional laps" as "professional laps". I'll try and aim for this bit.

    Will wait at the SE corner of the park where you turn left onto the draggy bit and tag on, KOM the fuck out of everything then head to work and fall asleep at my desk.

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LFGSS.CC Skinsuit Processional

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