SoYo Polo Co's Cliffhanger ABC 2016 - Sheffield

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  • Ey up,

    Welcome to the Yorkshire slice of the Poloverse! This is Sheffield again organising their famous & beloved Cliffhanger tournament. As suggested by a former participant, this is indeed ‘the best polo tourney south of Carlisle’! In case you’d like to join us this year, please fill in the form to register! (FORM:

    Dates: 9th and 10th of July, 2016
    Location: Shoreham Street, Sheffield
    Event: Cliffhanger outdoor festival
    Format: ABC Swiss rounds on the 1st day, 2 sets of double elims for the 2nd day
    Registration fee: £10 per player - we'll give you PayPal & bank details for payment after you signed up to secure your spot!

    To build on the previous years’ success, we are again aiming to provide a weekend of fun, inclusive, friendly polo for all scenes. To ensure games are as closely matched as possible, the format will be an ABC format over two days. On the first day, we'll play Swiss Rounds (should be at least 4 rounds, maybe 5). On the Sunday, we'll split the seeding from the Swiss rounds into two separate double-elims, with the aim of making for really close games right the way through the finals.

    Teams: We'll aim to sort out ABC teams at least one week in advance of the tournament - as such, the deadline for registering as a player will be the 1st of July. We should be able to cater for up to 16 teams (with tight scheduling).

    As part of the city wide Cliffhanger Outdoor Festival we're planning to demonstrate our lovely sport (and the encouraged consumption of sporting drinks) to the peoples of South Yorkshire. Note that the Festival has moved to the city centre, thus we’re organising our event at Shoreham Street (rather than Millhouses Park).

    Queries/comments to:!
    Registration form:

    Pololove & hugs,
    SoYo Polo Co

    FB event:­1142445/

  • So far we had ~30 people signed up - there is a month to go, get on it:

    We promise free hugs, cheap beer and loads of fun polo!

  • Maybe...

  • Yeah, Beagletime!

  • London Peeps - im thinking of hiring a van to get up to Sheffield in, but only if enough people are interested and it works out cheaper than getting the train. I will do all the driving over the weekend allowing others to get smashed!

    Reply if you are interested.

  • down for this Danny! was looking and trains are about 50/60 return but people will have to stagger which trains they get as they were really strict on how many bikes went on last time I got the train there!

  • I could also be up for this. Travelling sat early and returning sunday?

  • Ok so potentially thats 3 of us as @Riff_raff has registered. I've looked at hiring a transit size van from Friday till Monday and it comes in at about £150, would still need to add petrol cost but already that looks to save some money.
    I reckon we could fit up to 5-6 people in the van with the bikes.

  • I'm open for suggestions but my first thoughts were to head up Friday night so we can be a bit better rested for play on Saturday, Would def head back on Sunday night to drop everyone off and I can return the van Monday morning. I guess we could swing in past to pick up up on the way!?! Also there is an option of someone taking a car and we just fill the van with bikes?

  • I'd suggest that you don't have more people in the van than seats. I you get pulled en route you'll end up with points on your license. Maybe carry all the bike in a van and fill the seats and megabus for the rest and you all split the total cost.

  • In

  • Interested hah

  • Yeap sounds good Danny! Let me know if ya need a hand sorting anything out.

  • crew cab 6 seater

  • Crew Cab 6 seater £300 for the weekend.

  • Don't count me in on the van can't go till Saturday morning and might have to leave early on Sunday eve.

  • Getting pretty close to capacity on this, if anyone wants to play, register ASAP (link in 1st post).
    Ladies of polo especially welcome, we've had some great female representation over recent years and it'd be lovely to carry on the trend.

  • Here is the 48 players who registered to make the 16 teams at Cliffhanger in a few weeks time. We'll leave registration open for now & take a few 'extras' in case there is dropouts (last year there was 3-4, I think). I've messaged all who made it on the list, hope you got my emails with further details.

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  • Local designer/engineer/curmudgeon, Podge has knocked up a disc rotor guard which he can get cut when his employers are commissioning bigger bits of work. If anyone would like to order one for collection at Cliffhanger then drop us a line. Should work out £20ish.

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  • All Registered London Crew - 6 Seater Crew Cab - quote £270 for from Friday till Sunday night. There are 5 of us registered so that would work out to £54 plus fuel.

    If everyone is still up for it I will make the booking today/tomorrow.

    Day of Travel: the hire depot is up by Kentish town, was thinking I could pick the van up then Miles then head to perhaps Newington to pick everyone else up before heading to Sheffield. I dont mind what time we leave Friday night but aslong as it isnt to late as its still a 3.5 hour drive. I'm not keen leaving Saturday morning as we will have to look at leaving around 530am to make it in time.

    There is obviously still a seat available in the car so if anyone is late to registering or just fancies coming for the weekend then let them know about the plan and it will help bring down the cost a wee bit more.

    Bit of a loose plan but please share your opinion or any issues you may have so we can work out alternative ideas.

  • Sounds good to me friday leaving early would be cool

  • We'll have support from the fantastic CNK Clothing as well as our great friends at Hop Hideout and Bike Rehab this year. We're looking forward to the weekend a lot!

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  • Just a few more days till this year's Cliffhanger... These are our sponsors for this year:

    I've just had two g i g a n t i c packages from Chunk Clothing, which will allow us to be generous with prizes for the winners of the Champions and the Reet Good trophies. (Website, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter)

    The lovely Hop Hideout have offered us beery prices yet again, they will hopefully be around to deliver the presents to the MVPs on Sunday. (Website, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter)

    The boys from Bike Rehab will help us out with their facilities (tools & their gazebo for shades). (Website, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter)

    Sentinel Brewing will have us for the Saturday evening and throughout both days for for coffee, food and of course, beer. (Website, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter)

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  • Aaaaaand... we're off! Follow the games at

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SoYo Polo Co's Cliffhanger ABC 2016 - Sheffield

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