LFGSS Skinsuit ORDER. Deadline is: 18th APRIL at 10AM

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  • So. To sum up the entire thread regarding the Skinsuit.
    @6pt has done a butt-load of work at Milltag HQ today with Ed to finalise designs.
    We've (@HoKe, @branwen, @TheArchitect, @Hovis and I) have been over to finalise sizing and patterns and other fun stuff.

    What you need to know:
    1. The DEADLINE is Monday 18th April 2016 at 10:00 (that's 10AM) THE SUIT IS £75

    1. Ordering through the LFGSS shop- link to be added by @Velocio in due course
      ORDER THROUGH HERE: https://shop.lfgss.cc/
    2. You have 2 options. Long sleeve or Short Sleeve ROAD suit. There are pockets on all suits, they are as aero as pockets are capable of being- if you've seen the Rapha Cross suit- kinda like that. THERE IS NO CRIT SUIT OPTION-due to lead times- this may happen after this order is complete.
    3. Sleeves- Long are like a pair of armscreens, super-nice fabric with a elastic wrist-cuff. Short are the same as the LFGSS.CC Pro Jersey- aka lightweight fabric and silicone gripper.
    4. Pads- Decent quality Road pads- ie not lightweight, probably Rapha Core as an indicator if you want one.
    5. Leg Cuffs- Separate gripper fabric of c. 1.5-2inch (3-5cm) which keeps them nice and tight.
    6. Jerseys and Accessories are to follow in due course (they are super sexy).
    7. The Price is £75
  • SIZING info:


    Higher Res photos available on old thread (here: https://www.lfgss.com/comments/12925087/­)

    Regarding Photos:
    HoKe is 179cm, 71kg. Pictured in SMALL ROAD
    Eyebrows is 177cm, 67kg Pictured in SMALL ROAD
    Hovis is 177cm, 70kg PICTURED IN SMALL ROAD
    TheArchitect is 183 cm 79kg PICTURED IN LARGE ROAD- has chosen MEDIUM ROAD.
    Not pictured is Tom 188cm 77kg CHOSEN MEDIUM ROAD.

  • How much ££ are we potentially talking?

  • @HoKe
    The Final Pricing is £75.
    You need to give me time. I'm trying to write a legible thread here!

  • The Pattern is as below:

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  • thats rad as. im a) poor and b) not fit enough/too fat to pull off a skinsuit. real nice work though guyz!

  • Flaps? For pissing?

  • Don't feed the trolls

  • You may order here: https://shop.lfgss.cc/

  • Thank you. Ace speed as always.
    @Thuekr- choose pick up at a compass beer and I will send yours to you, we'll deal through PayPal at a later date.

  • What size do they suggest if you are between 185 and 190 cm?

  • Great work all, thank you. Not going to order a skin suit but the design is awesome and I'd definitely be interested when discussions about Jerseys (and possibly Crit (no pocket) suits) come around.

  • we'll deal through PayPal at a later date.

    LFGSS shop takes:

    1. Visa
    2. Mastercard
    3. AMEX
    4. PayPal

    So people should be good to go.

  • Bloody excellent @eyebrows

  • Thats my height, but I'm a little svelter than you (based on last time we met, soz for any insult). The L fit me like a club jersey, which is to say comfortable fit but just not quite tight enough. I think you'll be XL or XXL.

  • Compared to the handsome models from lfgss, their height and athletic build, size chart measures 1 size bigger than needed #sizedown

  • During check out I have problems selecting "pick up at compass".

  • Could be to do with billing address being in .dk?
    Try a random london shipping address, and see what happens.
    Idk though- just a guess.

    Btw @cjr @dbr

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LFGSS Skinsuit ORDER. Deadline is: 18th APRIL at 10AM

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