Dunwich Dynamo 2016

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  • Pub on the Park, London Fields
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  • Aah, that's part of the fun.

    My riding buddy has called in sick, so I might be on my own too. Black and red Bob Jackson, black cap and gloves, red jersey. #colourscheme

  • All seats in the lol-mobile are taken.

    Still willing to haul gear to the beach for peeps.

    Get in touch by PM.

  • Working at a dr bike in kensal rise in the morning then hopefully 2-3hrs nap before setting off, the nap might not happen tho and I'll be totally wrecked by the beach. Will be on a white dawes with panniers wearing LFGSS cap.

  • Will be at the park by 7ish, awaiting a busload from the café in Ipswich. Not sure when we're leaving.

    Pink cycle cap, white and black bike, royal mail satchel. Say hi!

  • Cool , I'll keep an eye out for you all . I'm be on my raw leader 722ts with a green carradice saddlebag

  • I'll be on a black Genesis Day One with a black carradice. Black helmet, jersey and bibs.

  • I'll be on this, say hi!

  • Still time to cut the steerer before tonight.

  • tinkering the day of a ride .... are u mad
    bike should be set up and shakedown ride having been done at least 24hrs before hand

  • For that reason I'm about to replace an innertube.

    My front is leaking, the valve is borked. Interesting as I've not had a borked valve before.

    Admit, it's not as bad as cutting down a steerer.

  • I've updated the route: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/15027985

    Key changes: reduced the number of waypoints to just those that matter, fixed a couple of roundabouts where the auto-route followed the cycle path under the roundabout.

  • Haha, I was thinking I might pop the stem up a spacer or two before tonight actually... Do need to be decisive about this though, always imagine I'll end up wanting it higher or something.

    Edit: changed rear brake pads last night too. Fucking stupid last minute buggering about.

  • Not been on a forum ride in ages, or even been riding much. Seems like the perfect gentle reintroduction. See you all in the park probably x

  • Thanks for the route @Velocio . If anyone wants it on their phone I really recommend maps.me - you can download a really decent map of the whole country for free, then open the .kml file (download link on Velocio's map page). Since the map is downloaded you can leave your phone on Aeroplane mode - GPS still works. Hopefully we won't need maps!

  • Been fiddling with bar and saddle height the last few days. What could go wrong ... o_o
    Will be at the park about 8:40, but riding with a few others leaving 9ish

    Should be wearing my forum jersey and hipster bait kitty-cap and riding this

  • I've never needed a map for this ride, but hey... I'm testing equipment for a camping break I want to take next month.

  • What's a good bike shop near London Fields or towards Holloway to pick up some arm warmers and top up tyres etc?

  • It is going to be 17 degrees at it's coldest tonight..

    This is probably the most perfect Dunwich in several years.

    Will see yous at the beach.

  • Red Bike Shop.

    Those guys are ace, probably won't have arm warmers.

    Or CS on Holloway.

  • 17 degrees

    Yes, it's certainly not me that wants them. Thanks folks

  • I'm on duty from 6am, so can't do the whole ride, but I've been looking after my poorly wife all week, going back and forth to the hospital, so I may try to ride out to finchingfield for a beer later, to make me feel involved and release some pent up bike pheromones.....velocimones? Pedamones? Whatever....!

  • Cheers for the route updates, Velocio. See y'all out there!

  • Gonna swap my seat post and stem in about an hour, ave that

  • It's Flying Ant Day!
    Thousands of the things have just emerged in the last few minutes round here. They synchronise, right? Crunchy little protein snacks all the way to the coast?

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Dunwich Dynamo 2016

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