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  • London Fields Westgate and Broadway Market
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  • London to Southend - 99% traffic-free

    London Fields at 08:30 - Leave around 09:00
    On the bit of pavement near C&M
    - Be ready to ride

    Check your bike, body and brain before coming on this ride - Will be a long day and we can't hang around

    Sweet, scenic, no-hills cruise to Southend
    An unusual way to the coast, great day out

    Cycle paths
    River paths

    100 KMs

    Where not cement, mostly impacted rock pavement, possibly grass..
    It can be bumpy and dusty in places
    It is an extra 40-odd KMs compared to the usual Southend ride but it is made up for by some unique places and views.

    You'll need:
    25c tyres or greater
    Good gloves
    Maybe mudguard

    Might be a long day in the saddle - Quick but social pace - No crybabies - No crap equipment
    Some notes:

    1. It is an easy, mostly flat 100KMs.
    2. Quite a few slow sections near the river due to path condition, width and dodgy blind-corners.
    3. Lots of constricting barriers to keep out motorbikes..
    4. There is a 4KM run across a tidal zone that may need to be routed around depending how high the river is.
    5. Also a 400M section of overgrown single-track down the edge of a farmer's field which might have to be walked.
  • Train back or does the ride come back too?

  • One-way.

  • too early to commit by actually putting my name down, but it's in the diary

  • I stumbled upon this trying to find a good route. Is this as quite as it gets?

  • Is there a route map?
    Can't get to LF for early start, but I am about half way between the start and finish so might meet up en route and DAS everyone

  • I might have to pull out, got swim squad in Shadwell from 9 till 10.

  • At Tilbury maybe?

  • OK, I've commited now by putting my name to the list. Hope the pace isn't too swift

  • Waits at any non-obvious turn.

  • What's the ETA into Southend as I'm on babysitting duty so would need to be back in London at a respectable time.
    Also would it be do-able on 23c gatorkins as I'm being a bit tight and I don't want to buy new rubber

  • Nope and nope sorry.

    There will be some real bumpy stuff and no clear timetable..

    28c's or bigger.

  • ^^ after today's ride I thought I'd fit my 28c's - uh oh - they don't fit curent frame

  • I'm keen. I've ordered some Michelin Endurance rubber for the road biek. Dilemma about which bike to take, and how much stuff to bring...

  • Would a (geared) mtb be acceptable on this ride?

  • K, I'm in. Managed to get to Decathlon via a detour on the way home, so have 25c robust rubber. I've tackled some pretty non roadie tracks on 25c Duranos so I think these Pro4 Endurance will be ok.

    Is any beer drinking included in this ride?

  • ok, so managed to fit a 28c tyre to front forks but the back end will have to be 23c #mightwork?
    ^ if there's no beer at the end of this ride then it's not the real Mask but a doppelganger

  • It is a 3 pronounced like a c..

  • Just stand up on the bumpy bits.

  • I've bought a new roadie douchebag jersey to mark the occasion. Apparently I am an xxl in Italian cycliste poseur clobber. Cool.

  • Gah sports fabrics..

  • Best way to the coast!

  • Crossers and mtbs welcome!

    Tomorrow is going to be ace!

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London to Southend - 99% traffic-free 3

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