Epping Winter Swampy Bogfest

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  • You passed the entry test by perfecting the Honey Badger 'scream'

  • for my first time on a tiny ass mtb i think i did rather well on that jump

    superman dismount needs work tho

  • I did spot some guys early that morning and had to stifle my involuntary badger-scream, knowing it was unlikely to be you lot.

  • dude you forgot me

  • i was gonna text you but i don't think you were about by the time i remembered pal

  • huh? you're considered a honey badger after just one ride?

    You're all special...

  • dude you forgot me

    4 down, 3 across.

  • of course! right in the middle :)

  • You're the most special of all*

    *Don't tell Indra.

  • I was, but still lame. My body could have benefitted from exercise.

  • huh? you're considered a honey badger after just one ride? most lax/welcoming forum subgroup evar

  • ^ rep

  • oliver just groucho that he not a member

  • Ha, as if I'd ever go off-road willingly. :)

  • Hi folks, 1st post on here

    I'm a North Londoner who shamefully doesn't know his way around Epping Forest. I have young kids so struggle to balance being able to get away for a ride in the daytime, do you folks ever go out in the evenings?

    I'm a fairly keen cyclist with a distinctly average ability - have preference to off road rather than road biking.

    I regularly night ride in areas that are slightly more local to me - e.g. Hadley Common and Trent Park - so am happy enough to ride at night and have lights that are plenty bright enough

    I have a geared hardtail as my nice bike but tend to ride a rigid singlespeed (badly) in the local slop

  • keen cyclists with average abilities - you've come to the right place haha. when it comes to off road riding around epping I let the tall man escort me around the wood (or two shorter versions when he's off ill) so I'm not of much help. there might be a few who head out into the woods at night though?

    I do get out for the WNKR/ThKR evening rides however, but they won't start again until April and they are road affairs. But outstanding roading riding in the evening http://www.lfgss.com/microcosms/573/ Usually about 16mph average, no more than 40 miles. Great fun.

  • Thanks, but if I'm honest the road riding side of things interests me slightly less. I do a fair bit of riding on the road as I tend to cycle commute into Central London, but I just don't find it as fun. I'll pretend to use the excuse of not having the right bike, but that's actually a bit weak...

    (I like riding my bike, it's plain fun, but I prefer for it to be off road!)

    Last time I went to Epping with a mate we pottered around on the fire roads. I've been in the dry on my own (in the daytime) and found a few bits of singletrack, but I was clearly lacking insider knowledge.

    I appreciate the potential for slop and mud as I used to ride in Broxbourne Woods a fair bit, and Trent Park isn't exactly dry

  • keen cyclists with average abilities - you've come to the right place

    u wot m8?

  • Hi Ben and welcome to the forum :-)

    I used to enjoy riding around Epping Forest in the dark. Perhaps if a few more fancy it ( and my lights still work ), I could organise a couple of night rides in the Spring?

  • cyclists with average abilities

    I can only dream...

  • Thanks. I was probably exaggerating there actually - a few nice toys (that's the 'keen' bit), no skill to be able to use any properly, just get them dirty and break them. I'm the proud owner of ZERO strava KOMs, and have no plans to change that any time soon!

    It's spring now isn't it? :-) OK, maybe that's next week officially

    I'd definitely be game for any form of night riding

  • Will most likely aim for around May, I think.

    Will start a new event when I know and put a notification in this thread.

  • I get out in the evenings when it's drier and warmer, happy to lead out a small group.

    Usual navigation rules apply, follow a track, get lost, realise you know sort of where you are, repeat.

  • i have video evidence remember.

  • follow a track, get lost, realise you know sort of where you are, repeat.

    Add some darkness to that mix and you're onto a winner!

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Epping Winter Swampy Bogfest

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