• Just breaking down the big sales thread as it turned into a bit of a mess.



    • Mavic Open Pro SSC. 32h. What's to say about these. Fucking. Badass. This is the connoisseurs choice. As expected,. Nay brake wear on this. £35 @krwski GONE

    • Van Moof Rear wheel. 26". It's brand spanking new. Comes with sprocket, rotor, and magnet sensor. £70

    • ZIPP 404 Tubular rear wheel. Issues. Rim is fine. Freehub needs pawls and the NDS cap.
      Tyre in good condition and still holds air. I'd re-glue it though I dunno. £45

    • HED.3 700c Tubular Rear wheel. Some 7 speed Cassette on it or the other. Can take up to 10 speed. Is this cool? Damn straight it is. I dunno. £135

    • Easton 90 SLX 700c Clincher with Power tap hub. Campag freehub Last I checked and serviced. It was fine. This was, however, about 3 years ago. Will need a new LR44 battery. Rim is decent condition. True. £60 @Biggles567 GONE

    • DT Swiss 1900 XD Driver 142x12l. 30mm Internal. 29er. used for a couple weeks, then light bicycle came through. £115

    • Mavic Allroad S rear wheel. Ultegra level HG800 Ccassette. 11/34. RT90 Rotor. Conti Urban Tyre with plenty life. It's all a bit dirty, but mostly recent winter miles. I've changed wheelset. £95

    • Campagnolo front wheel. Chorus hub on unknown rim. Conti GP Classic tyre. Campag QR. Silky smooth. £20 GONE

    • Sun Ringle hub on Sun Vista cruiser Rear wheel. TUBULAR. Sitting on Challenge Grifo 3 tyre. £10

    • Bontrager on Deore front hub. Barely any wear on rim. Tyre is a Land Cruiser. £10

    • Novatec on WTB rim and tyre. Wide-ish. 12mm THRU axle. With rotor. £10

    • Racing Ralph Evo TLR 26x2.10 £20

    • Bontrager XR1 team Issue TLR 27.5x2.25 tyres X2 Brand new, never used. £25

    • Compass Steilacoom 700x38mm. TLR. Pretty fucked. £free

    • Schwalbe G-one Speed. Fucked. £free

    • 6800 Front hub. Buttery smooth. 32h £15

    • Ambrosio Zenith Hubset. QR. Campago Freehub. 28/28. Good condition. Running smooth. £25

    • EDCO Front hub. Red. Super cool Swiss made thing. Burly AF. 36h. £10

    • WTB Nano 700x40 Tubeless ready. Used, but still loads of tread. £10

    • Hope Mono Front hub. Brand new. 18h. QR. £15

    • Dynamo setup - Nexus with B&W lights. Superb commuter setup. Build it and forget about it. £45 GONE

    • Tune Titanium QR. Road. One of the caps is missing. I FUCKING HATE THESE, USE PROPER QR PEOPLE! £10

    • Some other shite Titanium QR. Bullshit stuff. £10

    • 26" SON Dynamo wheel, this is super cool and has a switch to engage or disengage it. £45

  • Wheels

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  • Might be completely blind, have you pics of the 26” dynamo wheel?

  • More wheels

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    • 956E9732-F35D-4B3A-88AA-294384D09F6B.jpeg
  • And more wheels.

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    • A588AC83-F263-4DC1-8ACE-24D9924BBFF2.jpeg
  • Still uploading Sir/Madam

  • Just seen you uploading photos ignore my impatience 😅😅😅

  • Hubs

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    • 4266EEE6-ED3F-47E7-B142-D0ED067E8EC5.jpeg
    • 1BB03F8B-A857-4900-8856-811DB05BC23F.jpeg
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  • Tyres

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    • DC0C256F-028F-4E82-8D62-0EC49425A192.jpeg
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  • More and misc

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    • 69298C28-79C1-476F-90A3-A71817550A5E.jpeg
  • I don’t actually have it!!! I’ll take photos of it in a couple hours or so. It’s immensely cool.

  • Putting a potential dibs, heading out for st Patrick’s now so will try keep an eye for photos later 🤪 also depends on shipping

  • Should be able to ship yeah. Expect the pic up in a bit.

  • also maybe interested in 26" SON Dynamo wheel depending on if it's rim brake

  • Sorry all, I got mixed up. It’s an SP not a SON.

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    • 3A68377B-0BB5-4233-A9E7-02798AA7CFBD.jpeg
    • B271E112-3C06-4919-8989-EAF56706DCF1.jpeg
    • EF01216C-EBDA-420C-BBB3-7699864CABFA.jpeg
  • Will pass for now cheers though @ibob all yours !

  • actually, sorry, I'm gonna pass on the dynamo too, glws!

  • Bumpy bump. Prices dropped all aroubd

  • ZIPP gone. Further price drops.

  • Bump and price drops

  • I've got a rear hub which is I believe the same model, if the buyer is interested in it for the bits and bobs the wheel needs.

  • Total Magic

    I’ve informed the person who bought it.

  • This thread will be removed tomorrow as I'm ebaying it all.

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