• After a few nice years of riding the ‘fake’ Bianchi, the weight was proving too much to hang onto fast winter group rides.. trying to keep up with faster riders on light carbon was killing me, so I’ve got the old Dolan Black Pearl off the trainer to get the campag swapped over with the shimano parts from the Bianchi.

    Not trusting the Veloce gear performance in frequent shit weather rides, I’m swapping it from the Dolan on the Bianchi. Should suit the Bianchi better and get a lighter winter hack as a result. AKA - SHIT MGOOF 😎

    Original build thread -


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  • Yeah yeah something something bikes, is that a Cosworth!

    I'm sure this'll be better than you're selling, do you still have the Trek Postal for the summer?

  • After all these years still amazed by the effort that went into the paintjob on the „wrong“ frame

    Still looks fkn FUN!!

  • Half way there.. Dolan built up after fcking about with the front mech for a few hours.. until I realised the Chinese carbon hanger was setting the mech back about 6mm too far to the rear wheel and causing it to run like a bag of spanners.. BBB hanger fitted and now runs fine.

    360mm wide bars fitted after finding the 420mm far too wide.. Pro PLT alloy bars for under £40 and weigh 240grams.

    Upgraded the front mech to Ultegra after realising the 105 had a smaller band on…

    Using some wide Chinese clinchers for comfort for the winter months, weight is 8.13kg (1.5kg lighter than the Bianchi) which should help.

    Will be finishing the bianchi next 😎

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  • Yes good eye!! A Sapphire 4x4. Got a new varta battery on it when the weather was nice a couple of weeks ago, although I think it needs a new coil to get in running right.

    Trek is ready to go, hoping to use it for the dragon ride in June!!

  • It will look even more convincing when it’s running full campag with campag wheels!!

  • I rest assured 💆🏻♂️

    For the full v1be campag rebranded sram would be the icing

  • Came for the MGOOF, staying for the Cossie. At the risk of a quick derail, anything been done to it? I'm hoping at the very least it has a Bailey dump valve for period correct cool.

  • It does have a dump valve… just wished it had anti lag!! Longer 5th gear, injectors, ecu, running an easy 330bhp

  • A bit of progress, just some gear cables needed… the silver groupset suits the celeste much better than the black shimano did.

    Please excuse my garage, it’s a shithole at the moment!!

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  • Computation narrow depth of field has done the dirty on the spokes in that second photo.

    Looking good though, agree re silver.

  • Yes it’s a crude way of getting a shallow depth of field on these iPhones I agree!! Thank you ✊🏻

  • First ride on the Dolan.. (Bianchi not finished just yet)

    Front end is a little high so need to find a smaller top cap.. FSA orbit ce headset, looks to be 15mm. Anyone got an 8mm version in stock?? 😬

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  • The ‘bianchi’ is 99% there.. looks very clean dressed in campag, just brakes/gears to tidy and it’s ready to ride.

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  • #would

    Whats the Fizik thingy above the SP clamp?

  • The Fizik seatpost ring adds a touch of colour to your ride. A Simple silicon ring that fits around your seatpost to add an extra touch of colour to your bike. Also helps reduce water and dirt ingress into the seat tube, as well as marking saddle height.

  • I have a -possibly 8mm- FSA top cap thingy that I need to be taller (replacing an integrated canti hanger on a cross bike). But it ain’t crab0n!

    Would definitely entertain a swap tho (all other things being equal).

  • In cyclist terms - stops most of the shit getting into the frame / seatpost. Good for winter bikes 👍

  • Thank you - would be keen on buying, for when my back can’t take the position any more I’ll need the taller one in stock!!

  • Can’t sell unfortunately… I need a replacement for the FSA integrated canti hanger.

    Are these really not available as a spare?

    Alt: This? (I think this is mine):

  • Looks like this could be the one.. need to check diameters but looks close 🙏

    Thanks for the suggestion


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SHIT MGOOF! Bianchi Reparto Corse EV2 Shimano / Dolan Campag - Swap

Posted by Avatar for v11boy @v11boy