• These are not my bikes.
    I share this link about a future sale of unique bikes, maybe some will be interested.


  • From the playbook of how to rob twenty old men at once. "Fancy a NOS Cinelli Laser? Well I won't message anyone online. Everyone please bring loads of cash to Toulouse..."

  • Is this a common thing? Never seen it before.

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  • No, no it is not.

  • Yeah man, you don't have one of those?!

  • The fuck is going on there?

  • Makes it easier to replace the chain/drivetrain?

  • Apparently you can use the rear wheel as the front wheel.

    So, in a pinch, you can replace any puncture in a race with a rear wheel? Verrrry niche appeal.

  • WasItCalled?
    Want to find out more now

  • What a collection....

  • I can think of no logical reason to move the bearings further inboard and create a whole new frame rear end to do so. Anyone?

  • How would it be easier? The chain still has to be broken regardless.

  • Can't you just unbolt one of the derailleur jockey wheels (top one) and remove it without breaking it? It doesn't go through the frame triangle.

  • Frame looks normal in other regards.

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  • It looks like Dall-e rendered a bike

  • Before we had freehubs, axles were prone to snapping, as the bearings on the freewheel side were inboard, leaving a section of axle unsupported.
    This design would resolve that problem in a different way,

  • Hmmm, having raced many years on a 6 and 7 speed blocks vs cassettes, I can’t say axle snapping was happening often enough to redesign the back end like that. I’m not even sure it wouldn’t place more strain on the axle.
    Could be the thinking behind it though I guess?
    Would be great if someone remembers this when it was first designed and sheds some light on it.

  • Yeah, still doesn’t save much time over just breaking the chain though, by the time you’ve faffed around with the jockey wheels.

  • I like that the hanger is a little aero wing too. Pointless, but nice.
    Could modern bike have a little aero deflector in front of the cassette or am I being stupid? Must be worth a million mph surely.

    That Colnago with a fighter jet airbrushed on is hilarious.

  • Yeah aero mech hanger and a triple chainset 😆

    I'm thinking of creating a retrobike account to post it to their forum and see if they know anything.

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FS : AMAZING COLLECTION / Cinelli Laser, Campagnolo 50th anniversary, etc...

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