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    Im kinda new in bike world and im willing to buy my first gravel fixed gear / tracklocross bike with bent aluminium frame (shown on photos). Im really interested, and the price is good forme so the question is, if it’s safe and it will not completely break? Im going to ride it on gravel/forest roads, do you think it can handle that? Im skinny and weigh 68kg if that matters.

    Thank you for every answer,

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  • It's great that you have detailed pictures and if this is the seller pointing out the damage, fair dos to them. I'd stay away from it. Looks like a frontal crash, I wouldn't be able to tell whether there's a chance the frame lasts a long time or not (may even do), but an impact like that might also mean the frame isn't straight, you might have issues with wheel alignment, brake rubbing and whatnot.

  • and whatever price you're negotiating, that frame needs to be for free, it has zero value as is

  • It hasn't ever happened to me but people say that with steel the breaking point can rattle a bit, then it sort of gets all fucked, and THEN it fails - essentially you have some "there is something not quite right here" time before something fails. The same people say that with aluminium the fail happens extremely quickly, the thin metal shears and the fail is catastrophic.

    Generally the advice is if it's alu and the frame is bent (especially on the top tube) bin it / stay away

  • Generally the advice is if it's alu and the frame is bent (especially on the top tube) bin it / stay away

    I know you're speaking anecdotally and use the word 'generally' - but I did this in 2016 and still ride it weekly.

    on topic: Yeah stay the fuck away from that frame. Any 'rippling' in the metal is a very bad sign but the most concerning bit hasn't even been highlighted, the crack in the weld / head tube already forming:

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Gravel rat / tracklocross bent aluminium frame. What do you think?

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