Recommendations for cable cutters please!

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  • It's about time I bought some decent cutters for cutting outer and inner cables.

    Any recommendations at all? Thanks!

  • Park Tools CN-10 has been excellent for me home mechanic-ing. Can't vouch for that particular website though.

    I'm very strict about only using them for new cables and outers - an older cheaper pair for the destructive work or anything non-bike!

  • 100% endorse and ditto. Used mine earlier today and they are the business. Check your local Evans they might have a Warehouse Clearance on, lots of tool deals going at mine.

  • Park innit.

  • For home mechanics, Lifeline make an excellent value tool.

    If you’re making money from it, Park tool.

  • Park every time for cable cutters.

  • Felco C7 all day. Some of my colleagues swear by the venerable Knipex 95 61 190 but they are not for me. Both better than Park (sorry).

    I also have a Wurth set that I really like, obviously you need a Wurth account though.

  • Felco C7

    Look the same as all the others, use some Pedro's ones that seem ok, have used fat spanner ones that look the same in a different colour. Is it better steel? Most work well to start with but park seem to work slightly better and stay working that way much longer than the others.

  • I never got on with the Park cutters, liked Pedros ones I used way back. Current workshop using some cheapys and it's like waging war to convince them to buy nice tools.
    Might get those Knipex mentioned for my home kit.

  • I never got on with the Park cutter

    Your hands are wrong I guess.

  • It’s the classic cable cutter design though innit? Snap-on spanners look like and do the same thing a Draper spanners. I have used a lot of different ones and I prefer Felco. They cut better, last longer, feel nicer imo. We have a bad tool habit at the shop so we have quite a lot of tools that we don’t really need.

    At home I have:

    Felco C7

    At the shop we have:

    Felco C7
    Knipex 95 61 190
    Knipex 95 62 190 (these are new and I forgot about them, they are a definite improvement on 95 61 190)
    Park CN-10
    Shimano TL-CT12
    Fat Spanner (of course)

    And probably some CK and other ones like that.

    And they all do a good job of cutting cables. If you’re not using them all day everyday I don’t think you’d be disappointed by any of them. But the Felco and Knipex are the workhorses, they have 1000s of miles on them and are still going strong. I don’t like the action and feel of Knipex 95 61 190 but I think ours will still be cutting cables when I can’t anymore.

    So that’s my piece. I kind of regret getting involved now, sorry.

  • Nah, that's a much bigger breadth of experience than I could hope for. I've used a few brands that look like those and are generally fine but the cheaper ones are worse, the best ones and very long lasting ones are park, whether that's down to shape or metal and finishing though I couldn't tell you, sounds like it might not be shape if you prefer others though.

  • Yes, but that's nothing to do with cable cutters...

  • The Shimano cutters, ime, are absolute expensive shite.

    Just gave away one of my Park cutters to a colleague. Think they've sat in the box unused for like 8 years

  • One thing that always bugged me as well is the hook on the Park cutters

  • My Park ones will always cut through cable fine in one go, but they also always (and have always) slightly mangle the last third of the cut. Guaranteed to need a bit of poking and filing afterwards to make it smooth. Is this just how everyone's are, or do some cutters make a perfect cut?

  • Funny you should say that, we have one set of Shimano that are really good and another set that are wank and I swear they are slightly different designs. I put it down to people using them where they should have been using mini bolt cutters (I’ve worked with savages that cut cables with flush cuts and shit like that) but maybe there’s more to it.

  • For hand feel Felco
    For cutting power knipex
    For fuck it I just need to make cut Park Tool

    I relish the snippy snip action, so Felco.
    When I just wanna rip through shit, that Knipex guarantees it.

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Recommendations for cable cutters please!

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