Sleeves for Sugino BB?

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  • I just bought Dura Ace FC-7600 cranks and they've come with a Sugino axle.

    What do I need to be able to use the axle on these cranks? Pics attached. Very grateful for pointers.

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  • I'm not sure it is complete - I think the sleeve and bearings themselves are not included (only going by pics). Can those be purchased separately?

    Thanks for linking the tools.

  • Get a sealed bottom bracket instead? Fit and forget.

  • Pop to you local bike shop, get a pair of caged bearings (shouldn’t be more that a fiver, each cage has iirc 8 bearings, can’t recall the exact size but they’re standard), pack em inwith some grease, then cut a plastic water bottle up and you’ll have a serviceable sleeve and be good to go spinning

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  • The sleeve isn't vital for it to function. Presumably you've checked that the bearing faces all look clean and unpitted before deciding to use it?

    You can also use a generic lockring tool for adjustment (of the type that you'd use to fit/remove the lockring on a track hub). You can even bodge the pin-spanner role with the tips of needle-nose pliers if you're happy for it to take lots of trial-and-error.

  • Get a sealed bottom bracket instead? Fit and forget.

    This. So much this.

    Bearings might only be a 5er but a sealed bb will only be like £15 and saving yourself the hassle is easily worth £10.

  • You’re all no fun any more

  • Cleaned it up nice, don't see why I shouldn't use it. I would love to know if you can buy sleeves for these but I'll try a homemade one if I need to. How wide should it be? 68 mm? Less?

    Re-naming this thread since the sleeve is all that's missing

    Picked it up with a black anodized 7600 crankset for £100

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  • The one on eBay? I considered that but he was asking more than £100 a month back.

  • Not sure why I didn’t come across that myself. Thanks.

  • I have got a top tip for you, having annoyed myself with it today, which is that you probably won't be able to get the pin spanner on the adjustable cup once you've mounted the non drive side crank. So make sure you're happy with the adjustment before you put that side on.

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Sleeves for Sugino BB?

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