• This Dyson V6 (?) with all attachments came into my life the other day and it seems it needs a new battery, or filter maybe, I can’t be sure - it fires up and then drops out. At most, it seems from Googling it needs a service, but sounds as though a replacement battery will sort it. Free to anyone who wants to get it up and running, collection from Camberwell.

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  • Ill bite. Pm'ed

  • I replaced a battery on one of these with a bigger one from Amazon - it didn’t fit I. The wall holster properly any more but charged on the wire. Clean, new filters, worked perfectly again

  • if it drops out straight away, its almost definitely not a dead battery or blockage (it pulses), filter problem or for some unkown reason needs a reset. reset mine a couple days ago having been convinced the battery was gone for a long time, and its working well again now. Unplug everything, plug it all back into the wall with vaccuum in holster, then press and hold the trigger for 20 seconds. worked for me and mines running again, hopefully will get yours going. filter issues can sometimes be temporarily fixed just by pulling them out too

    really poor design from dyson that its impossible to tell whats wrong wit the thing when something like this happens, and every issue feels like a battery problem

  • Dibs, if everyone falls through.

  • Cutting out straight away is also very likely an indication that it thinks part of the hose or the filter or something else is blocked - our basically almost new one which has no issues other than that shit design does it all the time too, it's a massive pain! If you forensically unblock each and every part of the assembly, I wouldn't be surprised if it solves it (and flashing warning lights may also stop flashing as a result).

  • Thanks for the comments. Vindicating. Currently going to @Ph1ll1p pending collection, will be delighted if he can get it working

  • Thanks to all responders, Dyson has GONE to the supremely nice @Ph1ll1p, am on tenterhooks to hear whether or not it can be revived

  • Sorry for the lack of updates to all that are interested, unfortunately the reset didn't do it. As suggested it was a battery issue (runs fine hooked up to a bench top power supply) I plan on taking the pack apart tomorrow and ordering some new cells.

  • You can order a whole new aftermarket battery pack that’s the same size etc as the original - no need to mess about with cells - I had exactly the same issue with exactly the same dyson.
    Just two screws and a plug and play battery pack (IIRC!) and it’s been working better than new for over 2 years, still fits in the original charger wall mount et al.

  • Where'd you get it from dude?

  • Let me find a link mate

  • Rad, thanks man

  • Or Amazon / eBay. If you get the bigger battery it will last longer but it might not fit in the wall holster thing anymore.

  • Yeah, after taking apart the battery I decided this was a better idea (I don't have a spot welder). Plus all the brains are in the battery and I was fairly sure I would short it trying to fix it.

    Ended up with an Amazon battery for £25 that seems to be working fine.

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FREECYCLE: Handheld Dyson vaccuum in need of new battery

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