• Hey there!

    Need some advice from the SRAM experts.

    "Exact Actuation" and "X Actuation" are always different from cable pull, right?

    Already build some 10s Srampagnolo bikes, but now I want to have a sprocket greater than 36 in the rear.

    Does such a rear derailleur exist?

    • Exact Actuation
    • 2xX
    • 10 or 11s
    • biggest sprocket 40/42

    Other question: is Srampagnolo possible with X-Actuation?

    Thanks in advance....

  • the 10 speed gx?

  • The 10s GX Type 2.1 is what I'm currently running...specified up to 36. Does this work in cases up to 40 or 42?

  • I use exactly this RD on my city bike with an 11-42 - works well, but wouldn't want to have a bigger cassette. Mine's 1x though, mind.

  • Ah, nice to hear. That would be the best, need to check if it works also in terms of chain length with 44:28.

    And just to make sure: you're running the type 2.1 10s, not type 3 11s?

  • can't say for sure if that'll work, but the limiting factor on my system is definitely not the overall capacity of the rd.
    nope, definitely a 10 speed version (iirc, the 11 speed mtb rds aren't compatible)

  • Cool...I will give this a try....thx for the hint!

    But for the record it would be still quite nice to understand the differences between the two terms (X vs Exact). So if still anyone could comment on that...

  • Exact Actuation (Road 10 & 11sp, MTB 10sp and below) = 3.1mm of cable pull with each shift
    X Actuation (MTB 11sp and up) = 3.48mm of cable pull with each shift

  • Ah, thanks for the explanation.

    I was puzzled, because I was missing Exakt Actuation for MTB 11spd and thought if I had overlooked something - but then it is like that (unfortunately).

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SRAM experts needed: "X-Actuation" vs "Exact Actuation" / Srampagnolo

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