• Hello. Any advice for removing a drive-side square tape crank with stripped threads?

    I am looking for a non-destructive method and had a look at the options discussed in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9n1z2kwm­L8o

    . A few extra complications: It's a triple and there are no big gaps between the different chainrings. Therefore, I don't think there is enough space to get the legs of a gear puller through to hook behind the crankarms. There is also one of those chain guides between the frame and the smallest chainrings. This makes hammering with a punch from the non-drive side to get it off quite difficult as the chain guide makes it difficult to get close to the axle.

    Any tips? Ideally non-destructive.

  • If the bolt securing the chain arm to the axle is free and out, cycle around the block for a bit and the chainset will sometimes free itself
    Might be worth a go if you’ve not taken the chain off?

  • Where you located? Have a tool that might work

  • @Chak I'm in E17

    @crossedthread thanks. I haven't yet taken the chain off. The bolt is free and out. Some advise against this though as it may damage the spindle/faces. May give it a go if all else fails.

  • You’re welcome to borrow the tool. I’m in N1. It was designed just for this and I’ve used it regularly with great outcome.

  • Thanks! Sent you a PM.

  • This would damage the BB spindle and/or the chainring faces and you wouldn't be able to use either afterwards, depends if you want to keep everything or not.

    @ofathens If you remove the chaingrings would you have access for a gear puller?

  • @Bernhard There are no chainring bolts and it seems the triple is pressed together. Probably not a crank work saving...

  • Best of luck, hope Chak has just the thing for you, wondering if a bearing separator would do it also?

  • I was wondering whether an automotive ball-joint splitter would do it.

  • @JurekB I think it would be quite challenging. Due to the chain guide there is barely any space. If it was very narrow at the end it could do, but then you still risk damaging something.

    @Bernhard again, there are very few gaps through all 3 chainrings so would need to be very specific

    Chak has one of these which I think is the most promising (also seems pretty much as cheap as any of the above-mentioned tools for anybody not cycling distance from Chak)

  • Can we have some pics of the situation?

  • Chak's tool did the trick: https://uniortools.com/eng/product/1662-­4-tapered-crank-puller. Would recommend.

  • Love it, that looks like a brilliant bit of kit, glad you got it resolved

  • Yeah, that’s so good!
    Might have to buy one now

  • Oh … that looks very useful - day after I’ve used the angle grinder to get my stuck crank off … bugger !

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Removing drive side square taper crank with stripped threads

Posted by Avatar for ofathens @ofathens