a collection of redundant and poor decisions

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  • To try to start dealing with my hord Im consolidating my projects here.

    First up track bikes:

    Balk track
    It’s working fine but want to replace the wherlset and fork
    Split between a carbon or a flat crown
    Wheel plans: xentis mk1 front cosmic carbon rear(or other)

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  • “Beater” fixie inc frame with Masi track fork
    Again works fine but not technically legal here has the brake is not hooked up. Also need a silver stem and nicer seatpost

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    • 3E9FEF5E-A165-468C-AE5F-D3EB476F535D.jpeg
  • Diamant track “actual beater”
    This think is great, just going to steal the whealset of the Balk put 28c tires on it and make it my lock up bike. Ideally a break to stay out of trouble.

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    • FDFCDBE7-87EF-4FB0-A7DB-2E357DA57042.jpeg
  • Mielec lopro
    Don’t really have any desire to ride this at my age but maybe build it up with risers and rack to get motivated. Wheelset will stay in that setup.

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    • 9F2A298D-4F86-4698-BE49-39D6877D14E4.jpeg
  • Kona dew grybrid
    Works, just needs maintenance as i road it in the snow then got sick for a month. Would like to size down both front rings maybe. Cheap/chearful and gets the job done.

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    • F90A15F7-E4AD-4407-B53F-1ACE257DCC3B.jpeg
  • Leader Fgfs->tracklocross
    Bike has lived a lot of lives so time for another. Plans new rear whee and fork probably other bits.

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    • 2266F0F1-B309-4CC8-9FC9-55CF6D4C2FB7.jpeg
  • Ddr Mifa cycle truck
    Building for a friend, add nexus 3 or 7 and a big front rack on the steering tube

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    • FF5EE13D-94C4-41E9-9436-A71393A2FA83.jpeg
  • Nihola cargo bike
    Finishing up badang middrive and replace all the contact points kid hauler hopefully n+0 cargo bike for the family

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    • 5B0D90D0-C126-45D4-8134-E4291FF19154.jpeg
  • Bike 43 longtail
    Need to again replace bafang display to get support for correct wheelsize. Bought it cause it was a good deal, not sure i really need it.

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    • AB3A70BC-0B0C-40BB-BC19-57AEE333B00E.jpeg
  • Orbea katu
    It kind of overlaps with the longtail. I just can’t bring myself to sell it. Want to convert to disc brakes, have the fork and a sketchy idea for the rear. Nexus 8 and replace most everything else.

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    • 9D6EEF30-526D-40A8-B059-1EBF850A8105.jpeg
  • Cannondale caad 5 track

    Cracked both chainstays but im at a point where i want to take it off the wall and fix it. Have a steamroller fork i want to tide it with. Also want a project to try those track spider adapter for sram direct mount sram cranks they sell on aliexpress

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    • D92459A5-1F60-43D5-A6C2-94F418F4C399.jpeg
  • The hell’s going on here
    All these bikes are amazing

  • Partial projects l have not bothered to photograph:
    Retro Marin muirwoods- atb city bike, disc brakes maybe hubgear?- parts bin sell or loaner

    Marin bearvalley- gravel atb, convert to 650b with some weird canti brakes i found- for friend

    Trek atb-cycle truck conversion, shopper rig for a friend with a hub gear (zero maintenance)

    Generic german steel trecking frame, maybe build a cycle truck? I bought an omnium mini fork on a whim and dont know what else i can do with it. Have an old middrive kit that may work here

    Dhl german post frame- impulse buy with no plan. Maybe build or sell

    Retro style gravel bike- built for my wife’s apprentice. Only interesting thing is it has a sram 11-46 mtb group with flatbar lever on drops with custom bracket hackery.

    2 more longjohn cargo bikes, i don’t need or want them and i need to stop buying god damn cargo bikes.

    I also have my collection of Masi bikes in storage in America (special sprint 753, gran criterium 653, gran criterium alu/carbon)

    There are more, still shopping for more. On the lookout for cheap 396/496 track to build with help of friends in france…

  • Mostly building basically the same bike over and over again…

  • Maybe add a top tube where that sticky tape is

  • Can’t see anything wrong there

  • Yeah that’s maybe the idea. Its designed to be a cycle truck as is (Mifa universal) and the frame is extremely agricultural stovepipe stuff. But maybe burn in some tubes and set it up like an omnium mini with a bigger rack tied into the fram. Or dont and assume it will probably work. Example.

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    • 04DF5A4B-924A-48E1-9EE0-74D4D5E7DE6C.jpeg
  • It looks bigger and stronger in that picture. I had in my mind something like a Raleigh Shopper and I was imagining it folding in half the first time you ride over a cobble.

  • Lol nope its DDR stuff, could use it to beat down the front door then the back on the way out.

  • Single-handedly keeping fixed gear alive! Love it.

  • Finished middrive conversion on Nihola but still have not got the speed sensor magnet 100% right bit good enough for a test drive

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  • Thread title got me h99ked 😌

    Whats a BALK? Never heard but looks cool

  • Dutch brand, lots of their frames are just rebranded merckx. This one is not though, front triangle is supposedly a special crimped dedacciai tubeset, a Belgien cycling magazine ran some scientific tests and declared it the stiffest sprint frames ever built until that point. Steel fork gives it a little give but its not a bike i would pick fir long distance, great for fast 5km trips lol

  • Moved some parts around. This is currently my favorite stupid bike. Rides super nice with 30c all around. Still may swap the spoke and seat again

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  • And managed to briefly clean up around my hord but not sure it looks like it

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a collection of redundant and poor decisions

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