25.03.2023 - BERLIN Forum meetup and ride to Kolektif Berlin

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  • To stop spamming Hulsroys thread.

    LFGSS Berlin Chapter Meetup to go and visit Kolektif Fahrradmesse and adore IRL (the work of) @Hulsroy and @Tijmen.


    I propose Saturday 25th, beers afterwards/during.

    It's in the sticks of Weißensee and I am horribly out of shape but first proposal is Hermannplatz meetup 12? Could do a route oop Norf and pickup people Alexanderplatz or wherever.

    Tag anybody, would be nice to get some faces to usernames!

    Best, Ruud
    (Dutchman in Berlin since 9ish years)

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  • It's actually not that far, only 10km straight.
    I rarely venture north of the Spree mind.

    It's going to be a social ride.
    Preferably fixed or singlespeed because l FG SS but don't care.
    Bonus sterni for whomever who rocks up in LFGSS CC lycra.

    Open for detours, additional pickup points, I am just posting to get the ball rolling.

    Hopefully there will be semblance of springtime for outside beers!

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  • Also more preferred sled because the thought brings a smile to my face. My first fixie crew with 35y/o..;)

  • I’m in :)

  • Sounds like a great plan. I'll try to come

  • <3

  • Sweet!

  • that sounds fantastic! I'll mark the date

  • So list in forum tradition:

    1. @Rodolfo
    2. @c.h.e.
    3. @Sig_Arlecchino
    4. @Coffeeholic
    5. @HK_Berlin

    @Jay75, @whats the forums favourite meme antagonist tafka Tina Kino?
    @salad now?
    Come on, there should be more sleddas here!

  • the forums favourite meme antagonist

    ..you rang? 😅

    Sounds like a cool plan, I'll be out of town though!

  • @Brameses of course! Still 'ere?! Aaaaaaages!

    @salad tafka Tina Kino: boooooooo
    I say you hide behind that salad!

  • yessss m8, count me in

  • I’ll be there but live pretty close so won’t be riding from Kreuzberg, definitely up for day drinking though!

    Also if anyone needs any 26” mtb tires I’ve got a lot in good condition going free

  • Do you still have the bar/restaurant at/near oderberger straße?
    You borrowed me something eons ago but cannot remember what it was. But your name stuck!

  • Btw I think 12 is a bit too early, say 14h, there a bit after 15, still 3 hours there and then beers/food after closing 18?

  • Nah, unfortunately it burned down a while back, in the building business for the last 5 or so years. I think it was a truing stand, a few members borrowed it back in the day.

  • Hey guys, unfortunately I'll have to pull out due to some unforeseen tragic circumstances. I would have loved to meet you all.

  • My commiserations!

  • An incredibly late reply..
    Yes it was!
    Shame bout the gaff... Looked nice.
    Construction aye, architect here.
    Bring a business card!

  • In!
    But no fixie, sorry.

  • singlespeed at least?

  • No such thing here. Unless someone brings me a fixed gear build kit.

    I can ride a British made bought on here road bike?

  • As I am getting a bit excited about this I decided to tag everyone who posted in the Berlin thread that might still be here so they get all the spam.
    No list, sorry.


  • Sadly I moved back to London in 2020, but been enjoying keeping up with this thread ever since. Massive FOMO to be missing this, hope it’s a blast

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25.03.2023 - BERLIN Forum meetup and ride to Kolektif Berlin

Posted by Avatar for Rodolfo @Rodolfo