WTD: Broken Campagnolo Ergos levers - 9s/10s

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  • Anyone have a pair of ergo levers that don't shift? I might buy them!

    I'm intending to strip out gear mechanism and use as single speed brake levers.

  • I have a right hand Veloce 10spd that slips, all black from what I can remember.

    Will need posting unless you are Devon way?

  • Thanks for the offer. I'll probably pass on that because I'm looking for a pair and I can't see a left veloce ergo in black on eBay. I'm also looking for silver, ideally.

  • I've got a box full of non-shifting Ergos, deffo some pairs in there, used to be worth fixing them but spares expensive/harder to get as is motivation. I will dig out some silver ones later if you're still looking?

  • Yes please! Have a dig!

    A silver pair yes. If you've got many pairs then I might also be interested in a black/carbon pair.

  • Haven't made it to the box yet, will be tomorrow morning now 😬
    Are you specifically after the mkII Ergo since you mentioned 9/10 speed?

  • 9/10s ergo would be nice. That's mk II is it?

    I suppose that makes the 8s mk I?

    I'm ideally after mkII but anything later would be fine also.

  • Yes, the usual 9/10 levers are 'mkII', all 8s and very early 9s are the 'pointy/curvy' mkI, later 10 and 11 (PowerShift, Ultrashift) mkIII!

    So I have several pairs of mkII, all with worn or faulty shifting mechs, all pairs:
    1) Xenon with matt black levers, strangely look almost unused but not shifting properly
    2) Daytona, silver brake levers, some shallow scrapes on right
    3) Centaur, 'century' grey anodised finish, no logos on blades
    4) Chorus carbon, some small marks but generally good
    5) Record - as above plus a fine cut through the logo on the right blade
    I'm happy to take photos of the ones you want most but not all of them 🙄😂

  • Sorry to interrupt but I'd be interested in second dibs on the Centaur, Record or Daytona if Ndeipi didn't want them (for the same reasons too, not to repair them but to use them just as brake levers. I've done this on my Stooge Rambler: the mk11s are such a comfy shape!)

  • OK, noted, I will DM you if/once @Ndeipi has made their choice. I've done the disemboweling of Ergo for brake lever thing too, doesn't look too shabby and they work very well (with Campag callipers). This about half of what I've got in a box, although I'm bound to need whatever I get rid of the week after it's gone.

  • although I'm bound to need whatever I get rid of the week after it's gone.

    ...that's always the case eh.

    Cheers, much appreciated!

    Mine came with the disemboweling already done so I'll have to get my hands dirty this time. Used them on a number of builds over the years. The little quick release lever can come in handy with rim brakes too.

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  • Thanks for hunting and coming back with comprehensive details.

    I am interested in taking two/three pairs:
    Record and/or Chorus

    You don't strike me as a chap who does things by halves but please don't worry about taking a zillion careful photographs. One or two will do. You've described condition well already.

    P.S. I googled the Centaur levers. I wish I had a build to suit them, they are lush.

  • No probs - I will take photos late and post a Dropbox link so you can see them hi-res. May not be until this evening.

  • You seem to know a bit about campagnolo are the brake levels correct there seems to be a big gap between shifter and bar.and yes the quick release bin is pushed inwards towards centre off bar.

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  • I think that's a combination of 2 things - the mkIIs were designed in the world where shallow drops of that design were a twinkling in someone's imagination, they sit differently on conventional drops, the mkIIIs suit that type of bend better, but also and probably more relevantly, I'd say those are just a bit too high up on the bend - I'd drop them down ~10mm and if you want that tilted-up cockpit then achieve it by rotating the bars up in the stem. You don't really want the flat top of the Ergo to be higher than the flat forward part of the bars, personally I would have all that lined up level. Ultimately those bars and mkIIs are maybe just not a happy marriage 😬
    These are wrong bars, but you get the idea:

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  • Oh thanks for the advice i will tell my mate what you said.

  • Right, sorry for the delay to those waiting for photos - once I cleared some space/time/continuum I just did them all so take your pick. Photos should be hi-res-ish or good enough to see chips and scrapes if you zoom in. All the hoods are usable except the Centaur are a bit worn and thin. Note that if you are ditching the gears, you can use the QS hoods that don't have the extended slots for the Ultra shifting button - see the Xenon levers if you're not sure what I mean. PHOTOS HERE!

  • Thanks for the pics :) PMing you now

  • All good! Thanks for taking these photos.

    Will PM now.

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WTD: Broken Campagnolo Ergos levers - 9s/10s

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