Making a Photomosaic

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    Long before i joined the forum this video was made about contructing a photomosaic. Can anyone advise me on how I might go about doing something similar? Which of the free software options should i go for? I have plenty of pictures and would love to get my community involved.

    Many thanks


  • The clue was at the end, ‘Photography by Ben Broomfield’ who just so happens to still be here… @photoben

    God, I’d forgotten when Lfgss was about doing stuff?!

  • I have already been in touch but he denies all involvement! And doesnt seem to exist anymore

  • Would you like every cell to be a unique picture, or are repeats ok?

  • The clue was at the end, ‘Photography by Ben Broomfield’ who just so happens to still be here

    I recall that many forumers submitted photos for this, of various forum stuff.
    Rides, races, polo, beers and bikes

  • Repeats are fine, but i have a lot of similar pictures and want to incorporate everybodys contribution. They are pictures of the area which comprises a small estate next to open scrubland. We have lots of the scrubs at different times of year and times, inc snow pictures which was where it started. There are pictures of our resident donkeys and street parties, of doorways and features of the architecture. It is to be printed large to go outside in the community in a frame that is 170 by 170 cm

  • My process for making this would be similar.­

    Are proposing to make it manually or get a company to do all the legwork?

  • I am looking for the simplest, quickest and cheapest option, and thought I should learn more about it. Your ligo image is gorgeous! An idea for another time.

  • Getting a company to do it for you would definitely be simple and quick, not sure about cheap.

    Doing it yourself wouldn't necessarily be cheap - you'd need to print thousands of individual pictures and stick them all together. I've still got the code I used to produce the map ie at 'row 1 col 1 = hex code #89CFF0' if that's any help.

    50x50 = 2500 lego tiles = £££

  • That could be good. I think i will explore a company route, but there does seem to be a lot of free software too

  • We used some software to do this at work from a very large pool of images. You put the source image in and it outputs an image that looks like the source image, but made up of tiny thumbnails from the source pool, matched for colour and tube. Is that what you want to do?

  • Yes. That is exactly what i had in mind and is what i believe LGFSS did. What was the software you used?

  • Presumably you have googled ‘photomosaic’? I haven’t done it in ages but I think there is a way in photoshop. There are free versions out there too

  • And what is tube?

  • I'll check at work and get back to you

  • Thank you so much, this looks like the way to go ....

  • Can you explain this! I am a bit of a philistine but i can work with a mac or a Surface Pro. Can i install the software on either? Maybe it is a bit beyond me. My mac is quite old


    Python 3.6
    OpenCV for Python. If you're not working on ARM hardware (you're probably not), this should be installed with the rest of the package using opencv-python.
    pip install git+git://­m/linnaeus.git#egg=linnaeus

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Making a Photomosaic

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