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  • No introductions required. Some might have seen this gracing the windows of LMNH.
    It needs to go. It’s a proper unit and doesn’t get used as much as it should.

    It’s not mine, just arranging sale and advertising.

    I’ll check on size later. Collection from LMNH or Old Street.

    Drivetrain is fresh, braking is fresh, tyres are brand new. Comes with bags. It really is stupidly clean. Rims are neither Enve or carbon.


    Any questions, ask away.

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  • I’m interested, depending on size…

  • I'll get this all for you tomorrow morning. I can do stack/reach or TT length

  • I got an update. It's a Medium

  • Measured top tube ctc 57cm

  • Too big for me, phew!!!

  • I really cant comprehend the sizing surly measure their bikes in.

  • Surly sizing is only surpassed by Pashley for what the fucking fuckness.

  • The stack and reach makes sense; but for a quick glance, it's like it was designed by feral racoons.

    @flash The owner is about 5'8

  • i'm looking at the geo and thinking this might fit me okay at 6ft1" ish... although anecdotally this seems not to be the case?

  • I'd say you might be pushing this one to be honest. You're very welcome to take it for a spin though.

  • Ah yeah, just found the geo for this one (looks like the latest ones are a lot longer + taller) and it looks like it won't work for me, thanks anyway!

  • Yeah I'd say they err'd on the side of MTB geometry, so its quite slack compared to the newer ones.

  • Bump. £1350

  • Dm’d

  • Bump £1300

  • Bump £1300
    End of week and it goes on eBay. Please take it.

  • Cool bike,shame that’s not my size ...
    ... next life :)

  • Sizing

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  • I've enclosed geo above, which I feel is a complete mess.

    For reference. I'm 5"10. The owner is about 5"8. The last user was 6"2. We were all comfy on it.

  • Amazed this is still here, massive bargain.

    And yeah, surly sizing is a joke. Just slap a longer / shorter stem on it as needed. It’s not like you’re going to affect the precision handling.

    If anyone does pick this up I have a surly deck bar bnib going cheap

  • I might be wrong but I'm guessing the surly geo on the website is the latest one - is this more accurate? (genuine question not a sarky comment)­g-dummy-2017/

  • This is spot on. Corresponds to my measurements.
    They did change a fair amount. I appreciate the input.

    @Eejit If I had the space, I'd take it, as it is, I can't get to most of my bikes as it's in the way.
    I won't be moving the price any lower to be honest.

  • Please someone do the right thing and buy this

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Surly Big Dummy

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