Bungalow renovation/ conversion

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  • Which ones, not sure what you mean? I suppose the ground floor ones could be hung the opposite way to open against the wall?

  • Ooh I like that- was thinking of doing the main bathroom like that with orange 🍊 tiles

  • There has been one bungalow in town that has had a whole new floor put on under PD rights - they didn't even go for PP but submitted a cleverly worded report.

    Was not aware you could do that. I'd definitely want the peace of mind of planning if I were going to that time trouble!

    We want to do a bit of work on the ground floor and loft convert ours but realistically not for a few years, makes me wonder if it's worth starting the ball rolling with an architect before too long, even if we get plans drawn and change our minds it gives us plenty of tinkering time before we do anything we can't easily un-do.

  • Live updates!!

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  • I reckon it’s a good idea to sketch out what you want (to scale if possible) and keep playing with it. Sun rise / sunset/ light/ space etc.
    We’ve to-ed and fro-ed a bit and at the end of the day it could be a compromise as to what you want and what you can afford!
    Luckily we’ve got what we want plan wise and the budget is doable

  • It’s on my long term todo list to do a sketch-up drawing of the whole property.

    I’ve got a job coming up which will probably involve a lot of sitting about on standby so it might be an ideal time to start if I can remember to take some measurements before then.

  • Day 2 . Loads of concrete and other muck dug out and levelled. (Lovely rich soil! )
    Foundation trenches being dug on Monday/Tuesday- can’t quite believe this is actually happening!

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  • What is it with truck cabs and personalised artwork. Always found it fascinating

  • True.
    Also , why do lorry drivers have their often silly nicknames made into a number plate and then displayed in their cabs?
    eg: TINY (who is anything but) BIG DAVE (who is massive) etc etc

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Bungalow renovation/ conversion

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