Bungalow renovation/ conversion

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  • I loved reading through @Creek_Tebsin Orkney house build thread so thought I would try my own. He seems incredibly good natured and nice but I’m rather grumpy so it won’t be particularly wholesome.
    Anyway - we (wife and me) bought this bungalow 3 years ago :

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  • The garden, view and location were the main reason we bought it but it was in a pretty bad state- the previous owner expired in one of the two bedrooms so it was pretty grim.
    We cleaned and painted it all white just to move in and got in just before lockdown #1

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  • Looks nice. Can you get into the garage without going outside? If not I’d definitely recommend doing a mod so you can. My aunt and uncle lived in a similar design house and he refused to have internal stairs fitted (they lived there for almost all their married life, around 55 years). He sadly passed away around 8 years ago and within 2 months the stairs were in and my aunt was able to use the newly accessible downstairs space without the trek decent using external steps.

  • Not currently but I’ll put up the plans as the build starts in March.
    The external stairs are being removed - we have PP and building regs approval all sorted and builders lined up...

  • I can't be arsed to document this on a thread - i'll put a picture up when it's done :)

  • As a bungalow owner I’m going to call this out as appropriation. It’s clearly two storey.

  • Hmm, I know what you mean. Just got our final cost estimate for the build... jeez prices have gone up.
    Saving money by digging out the front- a neighbour has lent me a digger for free . I’ve never used one so having a lesson tomorrow ...

  • Lots of fun

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  • The big dig

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  • Dibs etc. This place is going to be amazing, thanks for the tour!

  • Cheers Jono, good to meet you all and thanks for the stereo 👌

  • I can't be arsed to document this on a thread - i'll put a picture up when it's done :)

    Haha, cmon. What are the plans? We're interested

  • Ahh go on then...!

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  • Inside

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  • Looks like it's going to be pretty nice. I'm guessing thats wood cladding in the designs? What sort of finish?

    And what's inside those mysterious voids?

  • And what's inside those mysterious voids?

    Bikes. Hopefully.

    If not, get the architect on the phone, quick

  • The original stone/ brick is going to be kept at the front, there will be a mix of wood cladding at the back and white silicone render as the back is north facing . There’ll be a walled courtyard to the side of the garden room / bedroom at the back.
    Good point about the void, it about 3ft high and long - currently dusty with a few bits stored there.
    Could be boarded out for an extra claustrophobic no air B and B bedroom/ sensory chill out lair... or bike store!

  • Hmmm...
    I’ve crawled through that other gap too with a head torch. Good place to stash stuff..

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  • Dug out the soil and used some of the stones to make a temporary retaining area / bed.
    Soil being collected tomorrow and grade 1 delivered so it’s not a mud bath.
    Build starts mid March

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  • Forum approved Honda Jazz in case no-one noticed

  • Honda Jazz is such an ideal car. Bonus points if it’s got the CVT auto gearbox with the shift buttons on the steering wheel.

    Best of luck with the build - plans looks fantastic!

  • Just out of interest, any difficulties getting planning for this? Because it's a hell of a transformation and obviously the extension is in fairly stark contrast to the existing house.

  • here goes...!

    Initial architect was sloppy and put in an application for full PP and was advised it wouldn't be approved as it originally had a balcony out back- his drawings were innacurate and some of the original design was a waste of time and money so we withdrew the application and i changed a few bits and resubmitted (without the balcony) and we got it approved.

    We then got a new architect and structural engineer involved to get it to the point you see now and we submitted a few non material changes that were approved quite quickly.

    From start to finish the process was around a year and we have to put a bat box in a tree because we're on a flight/breeding route.

    The next year was spent waiting for a builder to start so we used that time to tweek things with the new architect and a month or so ago got building regs apprpoval for everything.

    There has been one bungalow in town that has had a whole new floor put on under PD rights - they didn't even go for PP but submitted a cleverly worded report.

  • hubba hubba - love me a bungalow rags > riches - here's my fave.



  • Bedroom doors may want to open in the other direction?

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Bungalow renovation/ conversion

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